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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2010 Ford Edge

2010 Ford Edge

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2010 Ford Edge Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

A leaking axle shaft seal and / or PTU cover seal can cause transmission (red) or Power Transfer Unit (PTU) (brown) fluid leaks at the axle area. The axle shaft seal and / or PTU cover seal may be leaking and should be replaced as required.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Adhesive for foam blocks in the headliner can fail leading to poor fitment of the headliner and a possible rattle around the sunroof area. The foam blocks attach the headliner to the mounting brackets. Access the headliner and re-secure the foam blocks to the brackets using cable ties / zip ties.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Faulty installation or adhesive can cause the optional bumper protection strip on rear bumper to bubble. The strip on the bumper cover should be replaced.

2010 Ford Edge Questions and Answers

Visitor, 2010 Ford Edge, New Baltimore, MI

problem happens once a week

standard, 2010 Ford Edge, Perry, OH

How low does the tire pressure have to be before the system activates the the low pressure warning?

lloyds78, 2010 Ford Edge, Des Moines, IA

The drivers seat makes a squeaking sound when I have my seatbelt on and am driving but if the car is moving and the seatbelt is not on their isn't any squeak I think it's electricalbut no...

trucknutiam, 2010 Ford Edge, New Carlisle, OH

My backup sensor system is alarming all time. Reverse, forward.

namrehs, 2010 Ford Edge, Niagara Falls, NY

so my question is. can i erase the code? the p0222

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2010 Ford Edge Reviews

bought used 2010 ford edge great vehicle rsc light on very concerned about the price if any. Will take in asap right now still running great. lets see how we get through this winter.

This is my 2nd Edge. I originally bought my first Ford vehicle (2008 Edge) and only traded it in because the dealership said they could swap me into a 2010 for the same payment (no brainer). I will probably never change from a Ford product. I was rearended a week ago (45-55mph) on the interstate and my Edge (still needs to be checked) appears pretty good - the other car was totalled (Honda acord). I didn't get one with all the extra's because I'm not one for unnecessary do-dads. I'll even watch Ford's commercials (their spokesman is a pretty cool dude.) Ms.Duke

The Cadillac of Crossovers. Affordable, stylish, sporty and excellent comfort. Only drawback is a couple of blindspots. But I just take more care before pulling out into traffic.

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