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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2009 Ford Edge

2009 Ford Edge

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2009 Ford Edge Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

A leaking axle shaft seal and / or PTU cover seal can cause transmission (red) or Power Transfer Unit (PTU) (brown) fluid leaks at the axle area. The axle shaft seal and / or PTU cover seal may be leaking and should be replaced as required.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Adhesive for foam blocks in the headliner can fail leading to poor fitment of the headliner and a possible rattle around the sunroof area. The foam blocks attach the headliner to the mounting brackets. Access the headliner and re-secure the foam blocks to the brackets using cable ties / zip ties.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Excessive clearance between the plastic wheel cladding and the wheel can cause a clicking noise from the wheel area while the car is moving. If the plastic cladding is loose, the wheel will need to be replaced.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Faulty installation or adhesive can cause the optional bumper protection strip on rear bumper to bubble. The strip on the bumper cover should be replaced.

2009 Ford Edge Questions and Answers

Visitor, 2009 Ford Edge, Westminster, CO

how do you change air filter

Visitor, 2009 Ford Edge, Fernandina Beach, FL

type of coolant used in a 2009 Ford Edge

Visitor, 2009 Ford Edge, Germantown, TN

The Ford Edge has a "pop-up" wind deflector that goes up when you open the sunroof. The purpose of this is to prevent excessive wind from blowing in the car. The problem is that this cr...

Phoenix10, 2009 Ford Edge, Katy, TX

My ford originally had the motorcraft premium gold engine coolant, it was a little low so I topped it off with the green universal coolant; is that okay??

suemam23, 2009 Ford Edge, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Do I have to replace the whole throttle body? Can I do it or do I have to take it in?

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2009 Ford Edge Reviews

Stylish, sporty and excellent comfort inside the 2013 Ford Edge with loads of leg room. but has some blind spots when driving/parking. Bought ours in June with 25K & found severe corrosion on seat floor bolts causing a problem using folding rear seat button in trunk area(improved with lubrication). Ford Sync & navigation system takes time to learn. Heated leather seats are a great asset in extreme cold winter weather.Love the back-up camera for garage entry, especially in good weather, but hazy view on cold nights! Annoying side-mirror vehicle-approaching warning lights go crazy when passing every rural mailbox, so what's with that over-sensitivity? Recently we had a stiff gear shift on cold mornings that wouldn't move until the car warmed up, which resulted in replacement of gear shift cable (under warranty). Hope this proves as enjoyable ownership with few problems, as with our 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe!

2009 Edge bought new. Has 72,000 miles now. Love the comfort, easy to drive, easy to park, no complaints with anything except the a/c. The fan runs, but the cold air doesn't seem to come out. We are going to check the air ducts, and clean the fan screen. It worked great until this summer.

Excellent vehicle! Ford could not have made them any better and the dealership is the BEST!

careful about your engine it quit right out on my in 2008 only had 24,000 miles

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