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2006 Ford Crown Victoria

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2006 Ford Crown Victoria Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

Transmission problems are common in this model, often as a result of a failed front pump. The pump loses its ability to create hydraulic pressure, which an automatic transmission needs to function. A sign of front pump failure can be a whine type noise.

2006 Ford Crown Victoria Recalls (Recent)

Suspension & Steering, August 29, 2013

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The intermediate shafts connect the steering column to the steering gear. Vehicles in areas where salt is used to de-ice the roads are being recalled because severe corrosion can damage the lower intermediate steering shaft. This can cause the upper intermediate shaft to collapse and separate at the lower steering column bearing. Separation will result in complete loss of steering ability. Dealers will replace the lower intermediate steering shaft and inspect the upper intermediate shaft and steering column lower bearing for damage, they will be repaired or replaced as necessary. If the steering column lower bearing has separated, a retainer clip will be installed.

Additionally, Vehicle owners located where salt is not used who have concerns regarding their steering will have a one-time option to have their vehicles inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

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2006 Ford Crown Victoria Questions and Answers

mistercabdriver, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, Lopeno, TX

when i start my 2006 "police interceptor" crown vic, the airbag light flashes 5 times and then 2 times followed by 5 beeps 5 times in a row. then the light stays on for about a half hour...

janebridge, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, Ocala, FL

My brake lights are not working.

Visitor, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, Indianapolis, IN

When i change the controler from hot to cold it stays hot. I put a new control box in and i get the same thing? The car is a 2006 crown vic

mostafaj, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, Indianapolis, IN

It's been a week now, 6 lights come and go (ABS, Brakes, Check Engine, Battery, and two others). I checked the alternator, and it's just fine. Btw, the car still runs fine with those ligh...

rxcozy, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, Whittier, CA

sometimes when I hit the brakes a chime goes off. it is not a squeel or a squeek but a chime similar to a door or seatbest chime.

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