1996 Ford Bronco Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1996 Ford Bronco

1996 Ford Bronco Problems

Tubes for the EGR system (exhaust gas recirculation) can break, causing an exhaust leak and noise under the hood.

If there is a vibration or noise at highway speed, it could be from the front driveshaft and may require replacement of the double cardan joint. A double cardan joint is a type of driveshaft joint that uses two universal joints.

If a noise from the rear end is heard when going around turns or after driving at highway speed for an extended period, this could be caused by a failing deferential clutch kit. An updated differential clutch kit available.

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1996 Ford Bronco Questions

Okay I found out why it kept dying on me when I come to a stop. The transmission filter had come loose and was just laying in the pan. So I replaced that and change my fluid. Now it says for that motor with the deep transmission pan, that's what I have, that it takes 6 quarts, after filter, t...

I have a 96 Bronco in excellent condition and I drive it daily. But here lately it has been dying on me when I come to a stop. But if I shift it into neutral right before I come to a stop, it don't cut off. It shifts fine, transmission fluid looks good, and I'm just stumped on what is cau...

I cant find a short or bad ground anywhere. It has a brand new (icm) ignition control module, new plugs and wires, new crank sensor, new relays, and new coil. Once in a blue moon it will fire right up. But most of the time it wont do nothing but turn over. But like i said i changed all of that ou...

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1996 Ford Bronco Recalls


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1996 Ford Bronco Reviews

My '96 Eddie Bauer has been and still is an excellent vehicle. I now have over 315,000 miles and going strong. It has passed the emissions test every year with no problems. I've change the water pump, and starter, idler pulley, tension pulley, last year the drive shaft because I didnt want to rebuild the cardon joint. I had the transmission rebuilt 2 years ago because the torque converter was a...

yo! We bought our 96 Bronco XL w/E4OD & BW 1356 manual shift xfer case and manual hubs new in May 96 and it has been one of our best vehicles! No major issues exc. for 4WABS Module (burnt 2 microprocessors); two yard Modules turned-up bad too. See my broncolinks.com site for over 30,000 Technical & Parts LINKS. Although we initially developed this site for 78-96 Big Broncos, information in m...

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