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1997 Ford Aspire

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1997 Ford Aspire Problems

Engine -- Verified

The engine is prone to lower engine bearing failure from running the engine at high revolutions. Lack of regular, frequent engine service is also a factor in the failure.

1997 Ford Aspire Questions and Answers

dragonfly, 1997 Ford Aspire, Eddington, ME

When I turn on my headlights, the dash and clock/radio lights dim. This is something that just started recently. What could be causing this and will it be expensive to fix?

crabman, 1997 Ford Aspire, Benton, KY

if i push the gas too fast at takeoff the car bogss spits and sputters and sometimes dies i have to barely give it gas to get going sometimes it works fine

octoberdave, 1997 Ford Aspire, Pittsfield, MA

my car won't shift into 1st 3rd 5th its like there is nothing to catch on

Visitor, 1997 Ford Aspire, Midville, GA

my car will go into gear while the motor is running but wont go anywhere. you can shift through all gears without pushing the clutch in. is it the clutch?

Visitor, 1997 Ford Aspire, Muskegon, MI

Where is the transmission fill tube?

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1997 Ford Aspire Reviews

At 106,000miles great gas milage 38 to 42
run as fast as you like. My son drove me 200 miles in the speed range 70 to 85mph and it seem to have no trouble. Ive never had a ticket,And if I was to get 1 this would be the i will get it in always going faster then i should . A great car , I hope it runs a long time. Very Happy

We bought our Aspire in 1998 with 26 miles on it (4 of which I put in on the test drive). We are at 167,000+ miles and I just had the front R/L Axle (CV) replaced. We haven't kept up with the Maintenance but this car has been a CHAMP!!!!
This car has been used for a family of four, a dj equipment hauler, & long trips (2 w/kids & 4 w/o kids). This car has been from the Canadian Border to the Arizona Border & back a couple of times. Just think how much better this car would run for us had we been better at the upkeep.

For gas mileage, people under 6', & for basic travel this car has my vote.

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