1997 Ford Aspire Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1997 Ford Aspire

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1997 Ford Aspire
$95 to $157
1997 Ford Aspire
$252 to $331
1997 Ford Aspire
$201 to $378
1997 Ford Aspire
$766 to $979
1997 Ford Aspire
$530 to $742

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The engine is prone to lower engine bearing failure from running the engine at high revolutions. Lack of regular, frequent engine service is also a factor in the failure.

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It has never thrown a code and when you first start the car it will idol really rough to you have to put your foot on the break and give it gas to back up but you don't want to back up too fast but you got to give it gas to keep The engine from dying . And then it'll drive rough driv...

noise when wheel is leaning left, of any movement left.
drives on highway 75mph no prob, noise only when wheel is moved to keep car to left. No fresh signs of friction or bad smell, etc

Car is unable to start do key not making any contact after turning into the "ON" position. Wish to replace system if needed and key . Key is too worn out to make copy. Can't seem to where any information on system or repair of it. Also can't seem to find any manual or repair i...

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We bought our Aspire in 1998 with 26 miles on it (4 of which I put in on the test drive). We are at 167,000+ miles and I just had the front R/L Axle (CV) replaced. We haven't kept up with the Maintenance but this car has been a CHAMP!!!! This car has been used for a family of four, a dj equipment hauler, & long trips (2 w/kids & 4 w/o kids). This car has been from the Canadian Border to ...

At 106,000miles great gas milage 38 to 42 run as fast as you like. My son drove me 200 miles in the speed range 70 to 85mph and it seem to have no trouble. Ive never had a ticket,And if I was to get 1 this would be the i will get it in always going faster then i should . A great car , I hope it runs a long time. Very Happy

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