1996 Ford Aspire Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1996 Ford Aspire

The engine is prone to lower engine bearing failure from running the engine at high revolutions. Lack of regular, frequent engine service is also a factor in the failure.

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My sons car is squealing, not much at first but the more you drive the more it squeals. He also had to replace the battery last weekend and already the battery light is on. In addition a belt is slightly frayed, I'm wondering what it could be. I just don't want to get suckered in to spend...

Need to replace fuel pump not sure where its located

The diagnostic code is P0340, Camshaft Position Sensor. Searches on Camshaft Position Sensor return Crankshaft Position Sensor. My Haynes manual talks about a Camshaft sensor in the distributer and a Crankshaft sensor by the oil pump. Which is Which for code P0340?

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