1996 Ford Aspire Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1996 Ford Aspire

1996 Ford Aspire Problems

Engine is prone to lower engine bearing failure
The engine is prone to lower engine bearing failure from running the engine at high revolutions. Lack of regular, frequent engine service is also a factor in the failure.

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1996 Ford Aspire Questions

When you give the car gas it spits and sputters backfires through the carburetor (1 answer)

It spits and sputters when you hit the gas and it just does not want to go backfires through the carburetor

How to replace a heater core? (1 answer)

I just bought this car and the heater and ac don't work. There is a funny smell that fills the car when I'm driving. I was informed that there is an issue with the heater core and I'm pretty sure that means it's leaking right? I'm wondering if I should replace it or just buy s...

Loud squealing under hood, and battery light comes on, alternator/pulley/belt? (1 answer)

My sons car is squealing, not much at first but the more you drive the more it squeals. He also had to replace the battery last weekend and already the battery light is on. In addition a belt is slightly frayed, I'm wondering what it could be. I just don't want to get suckered in to spend...

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