2004 Dodge Stratus Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Dodge Stratus

2004 Dodge Stratus Problems

A plugged AC evaporator drain tube can cause a water leak inside the car; usually near the front passenger's feet.

When a no start condition is caused by a faulty camshaft or crankshaft sensor, related fault codes stored in the powertrain control module (PCM) should not be trusted. Our technicians tell us that under certain conditions a fault code can be stored for the "good" sensor. Care should be taken to properly diagnose this condition.

For the sedan trim only, Coolant can leak at the coolant bleeder valve and is usually evident because of an orange crust formation on the housing. A revised bleeder and housing is available to correct this problem.

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2004 Dodge Stratus Questions

I have a 2002 dodge stratus that my wife drives. she was driving to work and it died about 20 miles from home towed it home and it started right up Grrrrr $135 later. checked voltage on the battery and was 12.6 let it idle for about 20 mins and was olding at 900rpm. I drove it around the block ...

We replaced the thermostat and water pump... It drives fine on flat roads but on a small up hill the temp goes up and the water starts to boil over...

How do I get to the o2 sensor?

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2004 Dodge Stratus Recalls

The fuel return line hose fitting on the fuel pump may have been improperly molded and may allow fuel leakage. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source could result in a fire. Dealers will replace the fuel pump. The recall began August 9, 2004.

The fuel return line fitting on the fuel pump may be restricted, increasing the potential for a fuel leak due to excessive fuel pressure. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source can result in a fire. Dealers will inspect the fuel pump pressure and modify those showing higher than normal fuel pressures. The recall began December 15, 2003. The Chrysler recall number is C38.

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2004 Dodge Stratus Reviews

I have a 2004, the transmission is slipping, needs a new timing belt, the brakes are squeaking.Other than these problems everything is minor.

leased this car new in March of 2004 I have 67000 miles on it and love it. After the lease i bought it.

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