1993 Dodge Spirit Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1993 Dodge Spirit

1993 Dodge Spirit Problems

Failed Distributor Pick Up Plate

Vehicles equipped with a 4 cylinder engine may develop a no start or stalling condition, most commonly caused by a failed distributor pickup plate.

Transmission Control Module May Fail

Vehicles may develop a start and die out condition or a transmission that defaults to second gear. Our technicians tell us that the transmission control module (TCM) may be at fault and require replacement. If the TCM is replaced the pinion factor should be reset and the quick learn procedure performed.

Noise From Rear Suspension

A noise from the rear suspension may be noted at slow speeds over uneven road surfaces. This can be caused by a cracked or broken rear torsion bar. A damaged torsion bar will require replacement.

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1993 Dodge Spirit Questions

How do I remove the upper front turn signal lens to replace bulb. (1 answer)

1993 Dodge Spirit will not shut off. (1 answer)

Just replaced the key switch but car will not turn off unless I pull a plug wire and it drains the battery. What else could be causing this problem.

white smoke coming out the tailpipe why? (1 answer)

started my car this morning and white smoke started come out the tailpipe and under the car what wrong?

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1993 Dodge Spirit Reviews

I got the car for the price of having a key made so can,t complain one bit. The car sat for over 2 years. hooked up a booster box to it and it fired right up. It had 107,000 on it and now has 131,000. No real problems with it. the only problem was a corroded wire that caused it to not start. Was very frustrating trying to figure it out. It was in the wires next to the battery. Cut the wires an...

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