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1994 Dodge Shadow

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1994 Dodge Shadow Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

Automatic transmissions can exhibit a variety of shifting and noise concerns due to failure of internal parts. Our technicians tell us that a complete inspection of all internal parts should be performed if the transmission is disassembled for overhaul. Numerous updated part are available for this transmission.

Engine -- Verified

Carbon buildup on the top of the piston is common. Over time this can lead to symptoms varying from light ticking to knocking noises. Performing a fuel injector cleaning procedure can often help the condition by removing some of the piston top deposits.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

4 Cylinder engines, with a hard starting condition when cold and illumination of the Check Engine Light may have corrosion build up on the engine coolant temperature sensor. Our technicians tell us that the coolant sensor and pigtail should be replaced to correct this issue.

Engine -- Verified

Vehicles equipped with a 4 cylinder engine may develop a no start or stalling condition, most commonly caused by a failed distributor pickup plate.

Engine -- Verified

The fuel pump may fail resulting in a no start condition. Our technicians recommend replacing the fuel filter whenever the fuel pump is replaced. Failure to replace the fuel filter may cause the replacement pump to fail prematurely.

1994 Dodge Shadow Questions and Answers

buzzy456, 1994 Dodge Shadow, 2.2L 4 Cylinder, West Sunbury, PA

there is no heat coming out of my vents or a/c could the fan blower be broken

Singlemomneedinghelp, 1994 Dodge Shadow, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Saint Louis, MO

I have no pressure in my break pedal. I have changed the master cylinder and the break pads and everything are still fine. I have bled and checked the break lines and there is no leakage. However I...

hallbk, 1994 Dodge Shadow, 2.2L 4 Cylinder, Irvine, KY

Blower quit working on low settings & then stopped working on high

Visitor, 1994 Dodge Shadow, 2.2L 4 Cylinder, Jonesboro, GA

do i have to take the timing cover off to change the water pump?

alan2smiley, 1994 Dodge Shadow, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Augusta, WI

how to set timing when installing new timing belt? which cilynder is number one?

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1994 Dodge Shadow Reviews

this car is a decent car. It can take a beating and still keep ticking. It is now that one thing seems to fail, everything at once is going wrong on it. When they are good, they are good, but let one thing mess up and your in a world of hurt.

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