1990 Dodge Ramcharger Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1990 Dodge Ramcharger

1990 Dodge Ramcharger Problems

The engine may develop an intermittent stalling or no start condition. Our technicians tell us a common repair to correct this condition is to replace the distributor pick-up plate.

Vehicles equipped with 12" diameter rear brakes may encounter premature rear brake shoe wear. Our technicians tell us that if the brake system is functioning as designed the affected brake shoes should be replaced with revised parts.

Pinched or restricted transmission oil cooler lines can cause automatic transmission failure due to lack of lubrication. Our technicians recommend complete inspection of the transmission cooler and lines if this type of failure is noted.

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1990 Dodge Ramcharger Questions

why does my 1990 ramcharger build up air pressure in the gas tank???

my ramcharger ran out of gas lastnight and i get it to the gas station after i put gas it still didnt wanna start so i try jumping it and i still wont start.the truck ran fine besides having to jump start it every now and then i did take the gas cap off today and alot of air came out the gas tank...

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