1992 Dodge Ram Van B350 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1992 Dodge Ram Van B350

1992 Dodge Ram Van B350 Problems

TV cable adjustment to correct shifting issues
The transmission may exhibit delayed light throttle upshifts and harsh engagement into reverse or drive. Our technicians tell us the repair involves the adjustment of the throttle valve cable and replacement of the return spring.
Fuel gauge fluctuation while turning

Some vehicles may exhibit excessive fuel gauge movement while turning corners. Our technicians tell us the repair involves replacing the fuel pump module assambly.

Fuel Pump Failure Due to Failed Primary Pick-Up Screen

Insufficient fuel pressure may be caused by particulate contaminates or other type of substances by-passing the primary fuel pick-up screen and resulting in fuel pump failure. Our technicians recommended to replace entire fuel pump module assembly as two (2) filters, primary and secondary are included with the assembly.

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1992 Dodge Ram Van B350 Questions

change fuel no voltage @plug (1 answer)

fuel pump will not start donot have any voltage @the pump. just install pump

I am getting no fire what the problem (1 answer)

Turns over but won't start does not have cps (1 answer)

Was running then it does it was low on gas so I thought it ran out of gas but it didn't it wasn't firing

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