1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1992 Dodge Ram Van B250

1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Problems

The AC/heater (HVAC) system may unexpectedly switch to the defrost mode when accelerating. This system is operated by engine vacuum and should be inspected for any vacuum leaks if this problem develops.  There is also a revised vacuum check valve available to address this concern.

On the 3.9L V6, 5.2L V8 and 5.9L V8 the Oil leaks commonly from the valve cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets (front and rear), timing cover gaskets, distributor O-ring, and the rear main seal area. Using fluorescent engine oil dye can be helpful in determining the source(s) of the oil leak.

The blower motor may operate erratically and the blower switch operation has a sticky or mushy feeling, the detents almost non existent. Our technicians tell us that the blower switch should be removed and inspected for overheating. This is common if the blower motor is frequently operated on high speed as the current flow through the switch tends to melt internal the components. Also carefully inspect all of the switch connector terminals for discoloration due to overheating and replace as required. A poor electrical contact at the connector will also cause the switch to overheat.

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1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Questions

the speedometer dose not work and when it dose this the check engine light comes on after a few miles, the transmission also dose not seem to shift correctly when this happens. This problem dose not happen all the time, but when it dose the only thing to do is to shut the engine off and hope tha...

when 32 degrees or colder I hear a clicking (drivers side)clicks
till check engine light comes on before in-gauging the starter then tries to start but don't if I hold my foot down on the gas pedal it my run for about 5 seconds try it again then engine light flashes 5 times.

92 Dodge B250. Has a problem. It started off while just turning off. while driving. We hardwired the fuel pump to the battery and it worked. I have replaced the fuel pump relay the ASD relayAs well as the starter relay. I have also replace the neutral ignition safety switch and the ignition swit...

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