1994 Dodge Ram Van B150 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1994 Dodge Ram Van B150

1994 Dodge Ram Van B150 Problems

Fuel Pump Failure Due to Failed Primary Pick-Up Screen

Insufficient fuel pressure may be caused by particulate contaminates or other type of substances by-passing the primary fuel pick-up screen and resulting in fuel pump failure. Our technicians recommended to replace entire fuel pump module assembly as two (2) filters, primary and secondary are included with the assembly.

Engine performance issues due to spark plug wire induction
Some vehicles may exhibit one or more of the following: Spark knock complaints when the vehicle is under load, various single cylinder misfire, and surge in 4th gear (around 45 mph). Our technicians tell us that rerouting the coil and spark plug wires to minimize induction effects will commonly correct this condition. If wires must cross during the reroute procedure, they must cross at a 90 degree angle.
Poor connection at crank sensor

An intermittent connection in the crank position sensor wire connector can cause poor engine performance or the engine may crank but not start.

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1994 Dodge Ram Van B150 Questions

I replaced thermostat and gasket did I screw down the housing that sits over (1 answer)

gasket too much or not enough for it is now leaking at the gasket?

Am replacing thermostate. Housing is a deep well and hard to get to gasket. when removing hose housing old gasket seems to be OK still in tack. Can I reuse it and can I place new gasket over top of old? (2 answers)

Old gasket seem to be OK still in tack. Can I reuse it and can I place new gasket on top of old?

I replaced blower motor resister and relay Also lever switch on dash. (1 answer)

and as many fuse links as I could find. Checked blower by running a test direct from batt. and its OK. negative wire from blower is intact. Tested the good fuse 30amp,location and got a positive light. But when I test the green wire going to the blower from that fuse I get nothing. any ideas wil...

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