1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500

1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Problems

Shudder or Vibration On Brake Apply, 9.25" HD Rear Axle

For the 9.25" HD Rear Axle only, some vehicles may shudder or vibrate on brake apply. This can be caused by axle shafts, brake drums, or brake shoes. A complete inspection of the rear brakes may be required to isolate the cause of the vibration.

Knocking noise due to interference between idler arm and stabilizer bar
A knocking noise front the front suspension may be caused by interference between the idler arm and the stabilizer bar. Our technicians tell us that if this is the case a revised stabilizer bar is available.
PCM upgrade for harsh shifting and code p1736
Our technicians tell us that some transmissions may exhibit harsh shift conditions or a false PCM codes P1763 and may benefit from a PCM software upgrade.

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1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Questions

very little braking action, have to push pedal very hard (1 answer)

What is the scuba like tank underneath the van , driver side, underneath van? (2 answers)

Driver side, towards rear is an onboard generator. Underneath the generator, under the vehicle is what looks like a compressor tank. I want to remove this, but there is black hose that run from the tank that goes up and over the gas tank. I can't see where it terminates. Is this connected to ...

how if possible to rebuild rear end on above van.and approx cost (1 answer)

is it possible to rebuild a rearend on the above vechile.if rear

end bad.

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1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Recalls

Recall 98V076000

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1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Reviews

I have a 1998 Dodge B3500 conversion van by Pleasureway. The excessive rear end sway was nearly totally eliminated by installing 2"spacers on rear wheels and raising air pressure in rear air bags to 75lbs.Front steering problem (wander) improved by replacing all four ball joints, shocks & steering damper. Steering wheal still wanders a bit, but havingit checked on 4-22-15. I'll let all know ...
I have the Dodge 3500 with a coach house conversion. I found that if I put more air in the air bags, it added more weight to the front and took away the sway.

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