2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Repair and Maintenance

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2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
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2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
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2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
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2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
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2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
$105 to $154
2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
$822 to $1,363
2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
$441 to $719
2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
$117 to $159
2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
$109 to $145

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The AC/heater (HVAC) system may unexpectedly switch to the defrost mode when accelerating. This system is operated by engine vacuum and should be inspected for any vacuum leaks if this problem develops.  There is also a revised vacuum check valve available to address this concern.

The HVAC blower may operate on high speed only. This is commonly caused by a failed blower motor resistor. Chrysler has released a revised part to address this problem.

Leak detection pump failure can be caused by the internal diaphragm switch sticking, or in some cases, contamination from debris or carbon particles from vapor canister. If black carbon particles are present in the LDP, replace vapor canister in addition to LDP. The purge solenoid should also be checked for debris or carbon contamination and replaced as necessary. All evap system hoses are subject to cracking and splitting causing leaks, Inspect hoses carefully. In cases of contamination from carbon particles or debris, all hoses and tubes must be blown out with compressed air to remove contaminates.

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replaced resistor cause only had high setting now it wont work again on other settings bought new resistor again but didnt solve problem what should i do and what is wrong

I have a dodge min van. It starts but no power to move.I was told it was a vacuum

The light is turning on but the cruise control is not working, is there a solution for this?

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Chrysler is recalling certain 2001-2002 Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500 models because the park shift interlock system may not function correctly. When this system fails, the shifter can be moved out of the "Park" position with the ignition in the "lock" position. The ignition key can also be removed when the shifter is not in the "Park" position. Either of these conditions could allow the vehicle to roll away unexpectedly, possibly resulting in a crash. Dealers will replace the gearshift blocker and bracket assembly.

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