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2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Problems

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

The AC/heater (HVAC) system may unexpectedly switch to the defrost mode when accelerating. This system is operated by engine vacuum and should be inspected for any vacuum leaks if this problem develops.  There is also a revised vacuum check valve available to address this concern.

Engine -- Verified

On 3.9L V6 and 5.9L V8 engines, the intake manifold gasket may leak and cause increased oil consumption and a spark knock during acceleration; the gasket should be replaced.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Some vehicles may exhibit one or more of the following: Spark knock complaints when the vehicle is under load, various single cylinder misfire, and surge in 4th gear (around 45 mph). Our technicians tell us that rerouting the coil and spark plug wires to minimize induction effects will commonly correct this condition. If wires must cross during the reroute procedure, they must cross at a 90 degree angle.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Leak detection pump failure can be caused by the internal diaphragm switch sticking, or in some cases, contamination from debris or carbon particles from vapor canister. If black carbon particles are present in the LDP, replace vapor canister in addition to LDP. The purge solenoid should also be checked for debris or carbon contamination and replaced as necessary. All evap system hoses are subject to cracking and splitting causing leaks, Inspe...

Engine -- Verified

On the 3.9L V6, 5.2L V8 and 5.9L V8 the Oil leaks commonly from the valve cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets (front and rear), timing cover gaskets, distributor O-ring, and the rear main seal area. Using fluorescent engine oil dye can be helpful in determining the source(s) of the oil leak.

2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, December 24, 2007

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Chrysler is recalling certain 2001-2002 Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500 models because the park shift interlock system may not function correctly. When this system fails, the shifter can be moved out of the "Park" position with the ignition in the "lock" position. The ignition key can also be removed when the shifter is not in the "Park" position. Either of these conditions could allow the vehicle to roll away unexpectedly, possibly resulting in a crash. Dealers will replace the gearshift blocker and bracket assembly.

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2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Questions and Answers

cheeta, 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500, V8, Washington, DC

my abs, brake, and check engine lights are on. I have changed the master cylinder, bled the brakes, change the rear wheel abs sensor. and put on the machine to analyze what the problem could be an...

pch, 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500, 5.2L V8, Hampton, NH

My RAM 1500 runs very rough after a cold start. It knocks, stutters, weak going up hill. It doesn't matter if i've let it run in idle or not. Then after about 3 miles of driving it, it ru...

mauidave, 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500, 5.9L V8, Wailuku, HI

The engine shuts down completely at randome times the digital odometer, flashes then reads "no bus" and the dials all read 0. After a few minutes all the dials return to their proper spot...

pj816, 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500, 5.9L V8, Rochester, NY

truck suddenly stalled at a stop light tried to fire but only for 2 or 3 seconds, replaced fuel pump, still no start and no fuel pressure fuel pump relay clicks on then off when ign is tuened on ch...

tuner25, 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500, V6, Austin, TX

I bought this van about 2-3 weeks ago. It was doing great until about a week ago. It would start sometimes but at other times, it would not start. Then, as I was driving around town a few days ...

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Our van is our dreamcar, we live in the Netherlands and here are only, i think, 20 ore 30 van's like we have. Sorry for my bad letters , i speak better english than i write.

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