2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

2001 Dodge Ram 1500
$380 to $1,001
2001 Dodge Ram 1500
$200 to $1,075
2001 Dodge Ram 1500
$227 to $512
2001 Dodge Ram 1500
$125 to $624
2001 Dodge Ram 1500
$251 to $1,164

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On the 3.7L V6 and 4.7L V8 the Exhaust manifold bolts commonly break, exhaust manifold gaskets should be replaced and replace bolts as needed.

Engine overheating can result from coolant leaks which are commonly found at the thermostat housing gasket, water pump, heater return tube O-ring at the water pump, intake manifold gasket, and timing cover gasket. Our technicians recommend a complete inspection of the cooling system after any repairs are made to be sure there are no other leaks.

On 3.9L V6 and 5.9L V8 engines, the intake manifold gasket may leak and cause increased oil consumption and a spark knock during acceleration; the gasket should be replaced.

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No blower action when when switch is in low or medium position.
Blower motor only operates on high.

It is riding rough as well

I just replaced the alternator in it, jumped it figuring the bad alternator drained the battery and ran it around town for about thirty minutes, came home shut it down and started it up again to see if it would run on its own. It did. About ten hours later, I go to start it. It cranks really slow...

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Chrysler has recalled certain 1998-2003 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 models equipped with four-wheel ABS because aftermarket batteries may leak electrolyte onto the ABS control module connector, which can compromise the sealing integrity. This may allow development of a short circuit in the connector, which could eventually lead to a fire. Dealers will inspect the ABS control module connector for electrolyte damage and replace it if necessary.

Chrysler has recalled certain 2000-2002 Dodge Ram 1500 models equipped with the snow plow preparation package because the tires may have gross axle weight ratings that slightly exceed the maximum tire load capacity. Dealers will provide replacement tires to meet the load carrying capacity and accommodate the addition of a commercially available snow plow and hardware.

Chrysler has recalled certain 2001 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 models because the alternator wire connection to the power distribution center (PDC) can loosen, which can result in a vehicle fire. Dealers will inspect the installation of the alternator wire connection to the PDC and reposition the wire.

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I ordered my 2001 quad cab new. First few years were great,then it went down hill from there. Check engine light has been on since 2005, emission code.Can not fix,I have to reset it and drive for a few days to get it through emission test. Drivers side heated seat no longer works. Fog lights do not work. A/C compressor bearing seized at 65k, Brake lines rusting out at 65k Coolant leak at ...

I have a green machine 2001 dodge ram 1500 laramie slt 4x4 5.2ltr. I bought this pick up with 13 miles on it. At the moment there's 200,880 miles on it. I do the normal 5,000 mile oil change & other routine maint. & yes as the other reviews my dash has cracked & my A/C clutch siezed around 160,000 & I had my tranny rebuilt @ 188,000 & ny rear end went out when I was on the highway bout 170,000...

I have owned Dodges since the late 60's. They used to be a good truck until the GREED MONGERS hijacked America in the 80's..........since then it's been all down hill and they can't figure out why??? They are starting to figure it out now that they're all bankrupt or close to it! Being in the construction industry, I have always fixed my own equipment. Shops will rip you blind!! A couple of a...

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