2005 Dodge Neon Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2005 Dodge Neon

2005 Dodge Neon Problems

Some vehicles may develop a musty odor coming from the HVAC system, Dodge has issued a cleaner/disinfectant and a coating for the evaporator designed to inhibit bacterial growth.

Spark plug tube seals fail, causing the tubes to fill with engine oil and the engine to misfire. As a result, the engine may run poorly and fuel economy can suffer.

The trunk seems to fill with water when it rains or you wash ir, then runs under the back seat and floods the floor boards, front and back, this causes mold, mildew and rust, not to mention oder. the problem is water leaks in around the tail light seals and bolts also around the seal of the trunk. Chrysler is aware of this problem but no recalls and they wont correct it. It is a manufactureers defect. a little silicone around the tail light s...

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2005 Dodge Neon Questions

Turning into grocery store, my car suddenly jerks and revs. I left to go home, ( not far), & it did it the whole way home. When I got in the driveway, I noticed a pinkish fluid down the driveway. Looked under car to see a puddle of it towards the front ( about under where the windshield is &a...

We can't move the shift out of park. We have tried rocking the car, wiggling the steering wheel, wiggle the shifter. Nothing is working.

My 05 neone started to rev by itself yesterday. its at 127,000 miles. I was stopped at a red light when the car decided to fully accelerate as if someone was pressing the gas pedal all the way down. I could have crashed but pulled the e break and the car just burned rubber until i shut it off. Kn...

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2005 Dodge Neon Reviews

I have enjoyed my Neon since I bought it new in 2005. The 2 main complaints I have are that the brakes squeal from time to time and I was told that this is normal; and, when there is a heavy rain water puddles inside the passenger front floor. I was told by the dealer repair manager that this is caused from the tail light seals wearing out. He said that water seeps in and follows a channel i...

2005 Neon SXT Brand new, I'll never buy another DODGE..# 3 cylinder went on engine ( 3 weeks in shop..under powertrain warrenty ) brakes, I paid for them,and shouldn't have at ,tires had to be replaced within a year, AC compressor, and starting sensor all replaced under After Market Warrenty at 100.00 deductible each time, and to top it off the dash started cracking and now has cracked all th...

I bought my neon in 2006 with 1200 miles on it. It currently has 144000 miles and it has up until this point really not given me any major problems.

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