2004 Dodge Neon Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Dodge Neon

2004 Dodge Neon Problems

Maladjusted door jamb switches may cause problems with interior lights
The interior lights may stay on or flicker intermittently if the door jamb switches are out of adjustment. The switches may require replacement because they are self-adjusting.
Ignition key difficult to remove on models with tilt steering wheel
The ignition key may become difficult to remove on models with a tilt steering wheel. Make sure the gear shift lever is in "Park" and sometimes placing the steering wheel in the lowest position helps with key removal. The shift interlock cable, that connects the shifter to the steering column, may need adjustment.
Fuel Level Sensor Issues

The fuel level sensors can wear out causing erratic or inaccurate fuel gauge readings.

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2004 Dodge Neon Questions

shop told me i had to have oil pan replaced. said was aluminum threads stretched (2 answers)

said that aluminum pan was temporary and that the threads will stretch. Is this true?

Car wont shift out of 1st gear and speedometer likes floats up nd down. (1 answer)

replaced trans. Filter
Replaced trans. Control shifter
replaced Output speed censor
Still doing the same thing!! after replacing parts test drove the speedometer dont work now. Also Error P0700 popped up?!!

Trying to charge but shot fire to other battery what could be my problem (1 answer)

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