2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Repair and Maintenance

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2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
$265 to $638
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
$156 to $294
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
$436 to $724
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
$583 to $943
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
$259 to $898

One or more power windows may stop working due to a failed window motor or regulator. In some cases these items are replaced as a set. If not, diagnoses will be required to determine which is at fault.

Coolant leaks coming from the underbody on vehicles equipped with rear heat/AC are common. The underbody hoses should be inspected as part of regular maintenance. If you drive on roads where salt is prevalent the problem is generally more severe. Some 2005 models are involved in a special service action, no government recall was issued.

Intermittently, the key may not start the car or release from the ignition. If it is excessively worn, replace the key. If the new key doesn't work, replacing the lock cylinder including tumblers should correct this concern.

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Under certain environmental conditions, a front crash sensor for the airbag system may crack, allowing water intrusion. This can cause the sensor to fail and illuminate the airbag warning light. The airbag system may not deploy as designed when the airbag warning light is on, increasing the risk of personal injury in the event of a crash. Dealers will replace the affected sensors with ones of a new design. This recall is expected to begin during June 2010. The Chrysler recall number is J38.

The front windshield wiper motor armature shaft may break. Loss of windshield wiping capability could occur, resulting in the driver's vision being obscured, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the windshield wiper motor to correct this concern. This recall is scheduled to begin during June and July of 2006. The Chrysler recall number is F10.

On vehicles not equipped with "Stow 'N Go" seating, the right front seat belt retractor may have been improperly assembled. As a result, the seat belt may not function as designed, increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash. Dealers will inspect the seat belt retractor and replace those not meeting specification. The recall is expected to begin on February 23, 2004. The Chrysler recall number is D04.

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Lots of little electrical problems. Leaky power steering. Leaky radiator.

We got this van because the seats would fold flat in the floor. We have really enjoyed the extra space for vacationing. The problems we have with the van is the cup holders in the second seating area are unhandy. The front end is very noisey, alot of rattling when we go over the smallest bunp..

My Wife and I enjoy this the drive it gives on long trips and around town. The Stow and go seats are great and easy to use. MPG is 18.9 which I is good for weight and size.

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