1993 Dodge Dynasty Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1993 Dodge Dynasty

1993 Dodge Dynasty Problems

Fautly transmission control module
A faulty transmission control module may fail causing the engine to stall after starting or the transmission to become stuck in 2nd gear.
Hard starting or rough idle due to leaking fuel injectors

Hard starting or rough idle after the vehicle is parked for a period of time may be caused by leaking fuel injectors.

Corrections for excessive fuel pump noise

Abnormal fuel pump noise may be noted.There is a revised fuel pump, wiring harness, fuel tank insulators, fuel tank straps, and fuel tank available depending on the vehicle.

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1993 Dodge Dynasty Questions

how do I replace the water pump in my 1993 dodge dynasty (1 answer)

It has a 3.0 liter motor and is a 6 cylinder

is there a gear lube in my ac compressor or is it just the refri oil in the comp (1 answer)

I have a knock in my compressor and need to know if there is a lube in the compressor itself

tensioner pulley (1 answer)

i need to take my tensioner pulley how do i start to take it off.

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1993 Dodge Dynasty Reviews

my car is bad ass but i replaced the head gasket and heads and it still over heats ive flushed out the radiator many times but has not heleped at all if any one can help email me at tommy6942@hotmail.com

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