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1991 Dodge Dynasty

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1991 Dodge Dynasty Problems

Engine -- Verified

Oil leaks may develop from the camshaft plug, camshaft seal, valve cover, cylinder head gasket, and distributor.

Brakes -- Verified

A rattle noise may be noted from the rear brake pads which is eliminated when applying the brakes lightly. Revised rear brake pads are available to correct this condition.

Engine -- Verified

Some engines may experience a cold engine knock that lasts for three to five minutes after start-up, which is often misdiagnosed as a valve lifter noise. This noise is commonly not an indication of a failure and should not be a reliability or durability concern.

Engine -- Verified

Timing belt replacement should be done at 60K intervals or sooner in very hot climates. The timing belt tensioner pulley should be replaced any time the timing belt is replaced.

Engine -- Verified

Oil leaks may develop from the valve cover gaskets, cam plugs, camshaft seals, front crankshaft seal, and the oil filler bracket.

1991 Dodge Dynasty Questions and Answers

dddodge, 1991 Dodge Dynasty, 3.3L V6, Prescott, AZ

Is there a freeze plug that requires removing the engine from the automatic transmission : the water leak is dripping between the motor and transmission

timturn76, 1991 Dodge Dynasty, Manteca, CA

on and it just hesitates then it will go good when i push the gas then back to hesitating

jamesh, 1991 Dodge Dynasty, Tullahoma, TN

trying to clean egr valve

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1991 Dodge Dynasty Reviews

I NEED help finding a master cylinder for my car. The brake system is ABS and I cant seem to find any anywhere,...all I keep seeing is the regular one...any1 who has any info on how I can get one,the ABS one, and how much it would cost,please mail me ASAP.... byrouchi@hotmail.com

I have a 1991 Dodge Dynasty that we got for $500. It ran good for awhile then started leaking fuel. We found out it was a fuel rail and replaced it with little trouble. We recently started it and it ran good. Then I bumped a connector switch with raw wires showing. It must've hit the fusible link, but I don't know where that is.

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