1991 Dodge Dynasty Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Dodge Dynasty

Repair Estimates

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1991 Dodge Dynasty
$125 to $165
1991 Dodge Dynasty
$162 to $208
1991 Dodge Dynasty
$27 to $60
1991 Dodge Dynasty
$94 to $184
1991 Dodge Dynasty
$311 to $470

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A hesitation on acceleration may be caused by a plugged EGR valve back pressure tube. EGR valve replacement is not generaly required.

Oil leaks may develop from the camshaft plug, camshaft seal, valve cover, cylinder head gasket, and distributor.

A dirty throttle body can cause a low idle condition resulting in a stalling condition.

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The car will start and get to 155 - 165 degrees then it dies and can not restart till the temp drops to 110 degrees . I really need help. Thanks. The motor is the 3.3l v6.

Cruise control is currently not working. Assuming switch on steering wheel is OK.

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The front seat belts may not buckle and latch securely. Dealers will replace defective buckles free of charge to resolve the concern.

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I NEED help finding a master cylinder for my car. The brake system is ABS and I cant seem to find any anywhere,...all I keep seeing is the regular one...any1 who has any info on how I can get one,the ABS one, and how much it would cost,please mail me ASAP.... byrouchi@hotmail.com

I have a 1991 Dodge Dynasty that we got for $500. It ran good for awhile then started leaking fuel. We found out it was a fuel rail and replaced it with little trouble. We recently started it and it ran good. Then I bumped a connector switch with raw wires showing. It must've hit the fusible link, but I don't know where that is.

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