2013 Dodge Durango Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2013 Dodge Durango


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Dodge Durango
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Dodge Durango
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2013 Dodge Durango
$1,079 to $2,326
2013 Dodge Durango
$162 to $245
2013 Dodge Durango
$100 to $635
2013 Dodge Durango
$179 to $276
2013 Dodge Durango
$73 to $125

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On vehicles with a 3.7L V6 and 4.7L V8, water may pass by the cowl screen (at the base of the windshield) in heavy rain or a car wash. This can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. A revised cowl screen may be available to fix this problem.

when i start my truck the interior light come on and will not go off. lights will stay on while i am driving. When i cut the car off and take the key out they stay on. they do dim a little but they do not go off . i have to dicunect the batt every night to get the to turn off but as soon as i conect it back, the lights come . what could be cuseing this?

Intermittent problems with the radio can typically be solved by updating the radio software.

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where is air conditioner drain?

The suv needs an alignment and a tuneup. Took it to the dealership for an oil change got it back and started to make that whining noise. Took it back and they said the noise was the fuel pump sending signals everywhere. It didn't make sense but went with being that I don't understand very...

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The engine may stall without warning due to a faulty fuel pump relay. Dealers will modify and replace the fuel pump relay free of charge to correct the problem.

The alternator can fail, causing loss of electrical power and possible engine stalling. Dealers will repair the vehicle free of charge (the repair procedure is not available as of the time of this writing).

The wiring for the vanity lamp in the vehicle sun visor may develop a short, causing a risk of fire. Dealers will inspect and repair any damaged wiring, as well as install a new sun visor that properly routes the wire free of charge to resolve the problem.

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