2013 Dodge Durango Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2013 Dodge Durango

2013 Dodge Durango Problems

Failed Door Lock Cylinder Switches

If the door locks intermittently lock and unlock without pressing the door lock switch, the door and liftgate lock cylinder switches may need replacement. This may occur more often when driving in damp conditions like the rain or through a car wash.

Water May Pass by Cowl Screen During Heavy Rain/Car Wash

On vehicles with a 3.7L V6 and 4.7L V8, water may pass by the cowl screen (at the base of the windshield) in heavy rain or a car wash. This can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. A revised cowl screen may be available to fix this problem.

Radio software update
Intermittent problems with the radio can typically be solved by updating the radio software.

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2013 Dodge Durango Questions

my driver side running lights will not come on I have replaced all the bulbs on the driver side also I check all the fuse, also today the back hatch light came on showing it is open and it is not and the interior light will not shut off how do I fix this? (1 answer)

wet carpet on right side car (2 answers)

where is air conditioner drain?

Whining/ humming noise and burning smell coming from the passenger front (2 answers)

The suv needs an alignment and a tuneup. Took it to the dealership for an oil change got it back and started to make that whining noise. Took it back and they said the noise was the fuel pump sending signals everywhere. It didn't make sense but went with being that I don't understand very...

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2013 Dodge Durango Recalls

Vanity Lamp Wiring Issue Can Cause Fire Hazard

The wiring for the sun visor vanity mirror may short and cause a vehicle fire. Dealers will repair the vehicles free of charge and will resolve the concern.

Engine Stalls Without Warning

The engine may stall without warning due to a faulty fuel pump relay. Dealers will modify and replace the fuel pump relay free of charge to correct the problem.

Alternator Failure

The alternator can fail, causing loss of electrical power and possible engine stalling. Dealers will repair the vehicle free of charge (the repair procedure is not available as of the time of this writing).

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