2002 Dodge Durango Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2002 Dodge Durango

A ticking type noise may develop, most noticeable when the engine is cold. This is commonly caused by one or more broken exhaust manifold bolts. Our technicians recommend to replace the broken bolts as needed, also the exhaust manifold gaskets should be replaced at this time.

A rough engine idle and/or engine stalling condition may develop, often associated with illumination of the Check Engine Light and an exhaust gas recirculation (ERG) fault code stored. This is commonly caused by a clogged EGR tube. The repair involves cleaning the clogged EGR tube.

Front and rear differential pinion seal leaks are common. A leaking pinion seal will require replacement.

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Have replaced fuel pump, brain box and relay to fuel pump.Dealership could not get codes or get it to fail.I drive to work leave for lunch when I get off at 4pm on hot day will not start.this started at end of last summer.no problem all winter. summer is back so is problem.

If it rains, heavy dew or any moisture causes the vehicle not to start at all just turns over and over then makes a sound similar to medal on medal so if it rains i have to just not try to start. Dont want to make the issue worse. On sunny days the car drives like a champ. If I run it through the...

When I took it in to a dodge dealer to get fixed they charged me $40 to say they couldn't do it because of an electrical problem but didn't tell me what that problem was. But I think it has something to do with the same reason why all my passenger door window switches don't work. so I...

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Chrysler is recalling certain 2001-2002 Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500 models because the park shift interlock system may not function correctly. When this system fails, the shifter can be moved out of the "Park" position with the ignition in the "lock" position. The ignition key can also be removed when the shifter is not in the "Park" position. Either of these conditions could allow the vehicle to roll away unexpectedly, possibly resulting in a crash. Dealers will replace the gearshift blocker and bracket assembly.


Chrysler is recalling certain 2000-2003 Dodge Dakota and Durango 4WD models because the front upper ball joints may wear out prematurely. Water intrusion can cause rust to develop, which will accelerate wear and cause a clunking noise in the front suspension, which may or may not be heard by the vehicle occupants. Excessive wear may allow the ball joint to separate, which could result in loss of vehicle control. Dealers will replace both front upper ball joints to correct this issue.

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I purchased my 2002 Durango SLT in the fall of 03. It had 28k on it and was beautiful. It's now 2011 and guess what. It's still beautiful and has been a great truck since day one. Most durango owners do not know the differences between a car and a truck. most think of a Durango as big 4 wheel Drive stationwagon. Nothing could be further than the truth. I've heard of many horor stories of the 4....

SLT 4.7, auto, 4wd, dual air, leather. Bought this new in 01. Every day driver and tows 18.5' boat. Very happy with the performance of this vehicle. No stored diagnostic codes. Emmision compliant no issues so far. Kept outside year round. Almost 9 yrs for original battery. Replaced front blower resistor, tires (with same), shocks (KYB gas), 1 wheel stud, front calipers, rotors, pads, serpe...

2002 Durango. Bought it with 97,000 miles. I pull a 6x12 utility trailer every workday. Many times it's loaded with a full pallet of hardwood flooring, ofter over 2000 lbs.. 12-14 miles to a gallon with load, 16-19 w/out trailer. Relpaced front brake calipres at 135,000 and no other issues. Currently have 168,000 and simply love my vehicle. I switched to Mobile One Synthetic as soon as i g...

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