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1992 Dodge D350

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1992 Dodge D350 Problems

Brakes -- Verified

Vehicles equipped with 12" diameter rear brakes may encounter premature rear brake shoe wear. If it is found that the brake system is functioning as designed the repair would be to replace the affected brake shoes with revised parts.

Drive Train -- Verified

Pinched or restricted transmission oil cooler lines can cause transmission failure due to lack of lubrication. Our technicians recommend complete inspection of the transmission cooler and lines if this type of failure is noted.

Engine -- Verified

Carbon buildup on the top of the piston is common. Over time this can lead to symptoms varying from light ticking to knocking noises. Performing a fuel injector cleaning procedure can often help the condition by removing some of the piston top deposits.

Engine -- Verified

Oil leaks from the valve cover gaskets, timing cover gasket, distributor o-ring, and rear main seal area are common. The leak at the rear main seal area is generally not the seal itself but the bearing cap to the engine block seal. An oil leak could also be internal to the distributor, if oil is found inside the distributor then the distributor should be replaced.

Engine -- Verified

Moderate to severe engine damage may result from using non-DaimlerChrysler approved oil filters. Our technicians tell us that the neoprene compounds used in the manufacture of the unapproved filters may separate from the filter and lodge in the piston cooling nozzle blocking the oil spray from the affected nozzles.

1992 Dodge D350 Questions and Answers

czzzzzz, 1992 Dodge D350, 5.9L V8, Altamonte Springs, FL

I need to know the valve clearance specs for a 1992 Dodge D350 5.9L gas engine. Also, the #4 cyl. was blowing out through the intake manifold. Is it common on this vehicle? I will check to see if I...

czzzzzz, 1992 Dodge D350, 5.9L V8, Altamonte Springs, FL

Thank you valleytech for your former response. My 92 D350 was in turn not blowing by the intake manifold. It was actually leaking out of the head where the EGR valve crosses over. Would this cause ...

czzzzzz, 1992 Dodge D350, 5.9L V8, Altamonte Springs, FL

Thanks again valleyautotech for your recent answers. I think I have found the problem with th 92 D350 5.9L eng. I was cleaning the intake manifold and heads when I decided to go ahead and pull the ...

Visitor, 1992 Dodge D350, 5.9L 6 Cylinder Diesel Turbo, Laurel, MD

oil capacity for oil change

czzzzzz, 1992 Dodge D350, 5.9L V8, Altamonte Springs, FL

I was driving on the highway when all of a sudden my check engine light began to flash and i was loosing power.. I lost all speed and was forced to pull over to the median.. My fuel pump was on the...

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1992 Dodge D350 Reviews

i bout my truk about 5 months ago and i love it. i have been looking for this truck for more than 5 years and found the extended cab for 2800 bucks and was offered 5000 for it before i even went and piked it up. dont know the exact milage because the odometer stoped working before i bought but i know it has over 300,000 miles and as far i knoe the only thing thats not original on the engine is the lift pump and water pump i just replaced. it has a 5 speed transmission with 455 gears in the rear. not much on speed but will pull anything you want it to. i have found out it rided alot better with a bed full of cinder blocks.

D-350 2x4 deully club cab. Runs flawless with over 300,000 miles,Found records in glove box of work done at over 300k a few years before I bought. Engine had been replaced with rebuilt. I had trans. rebuilt. Speedometer and odometer don't work, suspension is super stiff, if you run over a speed bump in parking lot you think someone hit you with a 2x4. Tough truck, does what is for, a/c still works, also cruise control. Power window on passenger side doesn't. Not the most comfortable but gets the job done. Had people approach and ask if they could buy,but not interested. Like the old girl.

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