1993 Dodge D150 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1993 Dodge D150

1993 Dodge D150 Problems

Fuel Guage May Not Read Correctly

A condition may develop where the fuel gauge reads empty with too much fuel still in the fuel tank. Our technicians tell us that installing a new wire harness that provides a common ground for the fuel gauge and sending should correct this issue.

Engine Oil Leaks

Oil leaks from the valve cover gaskets, timing cover gasket, distributor o-ring, and rear main seal area are common. The leak at the rear main seal area is generally not the seal itself but the bearing cap to the engine block seal. An oil leak could also be internal to the distributor, if oil is found inside the distributor then the distributor should be replaced.

Electrical connection issue at crankshaft position sensor

An intermittent fault with the electrical connection at the crankshaft position sensor may result in poor engine performance and/or a no start condition.

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1993 Dodge D150 Questions

What gears are in the rear end of my 1993 Dodge (2 answers)

I have a 1993 dodge d150 2-wheel rwd 3.9L with a 3-speed auto
I need to know what gears are in the rear end... the number on the rear end housing is 4384213

My neighbor fixed my wires for lights and now whem I hot brakes it shuts off. (1 answer)

It ran great before he redid the wires in the back now when I go to put it in reverse I hit the brake and it dies.

How do I know if this is the problem I am having? (2 answers)

I replaced crank sensor when I pinched it in bell housing and block. Replace coil, pick up coil, rotor button, and distributor cap. Could it be something with the connection of the crank sensor? Is it something other than the ECU?

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1993 Dodge D150 Reviews

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My rear brake hose was melted by the exhaust how much would that cost?

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