2012 Dodge Caliber Repair and Maintenance

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2012 Dodge Caliber
$130 to $195
2012 Dodge Caliber
$165 to $277
2012 Dodge Caliber
$305 to $498
2012 Dodge Caliber
$210 to $311
2012 Dodge Caliber
$249 to $772

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The front struts may wear prematurely, resulting in poor handling and/or a rough ride. Struts may also be diagnosed as leading. When replacing front struts on 2007 - 2009 vehicles, the jounce bumper should be inspected. If it is found to be a one-piece black rubber part, it should be replaced with a newly designed jounce bumber end dust shield.

A no crank or no start condition may be the result of a theft system fault. Our technicians tell us that replacing the wireless control module should correct this issue.

Needs to be recalled for safety issues and fixed. Its a default as it has happened 4 times since i bought car new. Dodge unstuck seat belt last 4 times but today oct 15, 2015 they told me i had to pay for a seat assembly to fix it.

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I had purchased this car brand new. It use to get great gas mileage on the highway(32mpg), but now it only gets (19mpg). I was just at the dealership today because the car shakes at 70mph and when I hit a small bump and have to stop, the whole car shifts to the left. The dealership told me it is my front driver side wheel bearing and hub. They wanted to much to fix so I took it elsewhere, after...

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