2007 Dodge Caliber Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2007 Dodge Caliber

2007 Dodge Caliber Problems

Water leaks from the headliner may be cause by damaged sun roof drain tubes.

The front struts may wear prematurely, resulting in poor handling and/or a rough ride. Struts may also be diagnosed as leading. When replacing front struts on 2007 - 2009 vehicles, the jounce bumper should be inspected. If it is found to be a one-piece black rubber part, it should be replaced with a newly designed jounce bumber end dust shield.

A no crank or no start condition may be the result of a theft system fault. Our technicians tell us that replacing the wireless control module should correct this issue.

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2007 Dodge Caliber Questions

I have a 2007 dodge caliber, I haven't had any problems with it expect about a week ago the ETC light came on. I've had my car looked at by 3 different mechanics and each tell me something different. It's got 145xxx miles on it, no codes are showing up on the code reader. So what do I...

while its warm out and we drive it for a while the trans oil temp light comes on and all the transmission position lights become circled and no throttle response power or anything. let it sit for a little while it will drive fine then act up again. but when we were on our way home and it was 10- ...

the pedal seems to have become detached from whatever connects it to the transmission itself (slave cylinder?)

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2007 Dodge Caliber Recalls

The accelerator pedal bearing pockets may be oversized. As a result, the pivot bushings may become dialoged, causing the accelerator to bind or stick. If the accelerator were to stick, the "smart" braking system will overcome the stuck accelerator under certain conditions. Dealers will replace the affected accelerator pedals to correct this concern. This recall is expected to begin on June 29, 2010. The Chrysler recall number is K11.

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2007 Dodge Caliber Reviews

JUNK, is all i can say. The first new car I ever bought paid $19,000 in 06 for it and had nothing but problems. To many to list. just hope it helps someone for making the same mistake, as i did...

This has been the best car for my daughter. I bought it used in 2008 (its a 2007 model), as it was a rental car. It now has almost 150K miles on it, we've only had to replace the spark plugs and front brakes and rotors on it just this past year, and this year we are currently replacing the front struts and back shocks. This car has taken care of my daughter through highschool and now school...

I am not really impressed with this car and i do regret buying it. I should have stuck with my grand ams. I miss my grand am. Would still have it, if it hadnt caught fire on me.

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