2008 Dodge Avenger Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Dodge Avenger

2008 Dodge Avenger Problems

Knocking Noise From the AC Compressor

A knocking sound my be heard from the engine at times with the air conditioning on. The cause could be the AC compressor itself, if that is the case there is an updated AC compressor to correct this issue.

Automatic Transmission May Have Shifting Problems

The automatic transmission can develop problems like erratic shifting, rough shifting, or delayed gear engagement. Repairs for many of these problems are outlined in service bulletins.

Engine May Not Start at Times

The anti-theft system may cause a no start condition due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) affecting the wireless control module (WCM). There is an updated WCM to correct this issue.

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2008 Dodge Avenger Questions

How do I start my car"won't start and battery is good"car was working fine (1 answer)

Got home shut car off and it won't start

Air was blowing cool put Freon in now it's blowing warm what could be my problem (1 answer)

Was cool these day Freon got put in them all of a sudden the next day on my was to work just started getting warm someone said meaner it's over charged

Why does my car continues to overheat ? (1 answer)

My car kept overheating and my mechanic found a leaky gasket that I ended up replacing only to discover I had to replace two thermostats with it as it was all located in the same place/unit. Unfortunately, my car continues to overheat very rapidly. The water reserve boils and the radiator is stil...

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2008 Dodge Avenger Recalls

Fuel Tank Straps May Separate

The fuel tank straps may fail. This may cause fuel to leak and the tank to be come loose. A fuel leak is a fire hazard. Dealers will replace the fuel tank retention straps. The Dodge recall number is G38. This recall began in October 2007.

Front Door Latches May Not Secure the Front Doors

The front doors may not be secured because of a flaw with the door latch and the cable that mounts to the interior door handle. If the door is not secured, an occupant may be injured by a door opening unexpectedly. Dealers will add a secondary device to secure the door at the latch cable. The Chrysler recall number is G12. This recall began on April 30, 2007.

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2008 Dodge Avenger Reviews

I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger R/T that I bought used. I bought the car in June of 2014 and it had 60,000 miles on it. It is very clean, inside and out. I took it to Midas for an oil change and the mechanic said that whoever owned it before me took very good care of it. It has new tires, new brakes, and the body is in great shape, except for the lip on the front of the hood. The paint is bubbling....
I have a 2008 dodge avenger bought n June 2007 no problems out of it till now its November 2014 has 150,000 miles on it now my oil light comes on constantly.Do anyone knows the problem there is no oil coming from no where. Any suggestions.
Before I start I had the same problem with water retaining in the trunk. I solved this by removing the plugs on the trunk hatch they give the appearance of being hollow but are actually closed once I removed all 4 of them it stopped retaining water when it rains. Other issues are electrical where my air bag light comes on depending on the position of the drivers seat I constantly have to adjus...

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