1996 Chrysler New Yorker Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1996 Chrysler New Yorker


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Chrysler New Yorker
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1996 Chrysler New Yorker
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Various driveability issues may be the result of low fuel pressure due to a failed check valve inside the fuel pump. If this is found to be the case the fuel pump should be replaced.

Automatic transmissions can exhibit a variety of shifting and noise concerns due to failure of internal components. Our technicians tell us that due to the fact numerous updated parts are available for this transmission a complete inspection of all internal parts should be performed if the transmission is disassembled for overhaul.

Incorrect, worn, or contaminated automatic transmission fluid can cause shifting issues, noted mostly at speeds over 40mph. Our technicians tell us that repairs to correct this condition include changing the fluid and filter, driving the vehicle for 10miles and changing the fluid a second time.

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I need to know the location of the body control module on a 1996 chrysler new yorker?

I have a 1996 chrysler new yorker and after driving it for a while all the lights where drive,natraul, park, reverse light up the gas gauge goes down like no gas it jerks and then the lights go off eexcept drive and the gas gauge goes back up. does anyone know what it might be

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