2004 Chrysler Crossfire Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

The heated seats may stop working. Our technicians tell us special repair kits are available from Chrysler to correct this concern.

Interior door pull handles are available separately and replacement of the door trim panel may not be required if only the door handle needs service.

If the brake switch (brake-shift interlock) is out of adjustment, the shift lever may not shift out of park.

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It only clicks like starter trying to In gauge . Had starter check and battery both good. All fuses good. Need help please....it is getting a -9300 on dash where the mileage is.

the mech components in transmission replaced problem is intermittent when I pull off rd and shut eng off restart car will work ok ????

last night after 30 miles 1 stop then 2 miles car died. Tried to start and no but as soon as key is turned on starter cranks. Enough batt to pull the car off to the side in 1st gear. Today turn on key starter cranks but won't start. Key is in ON position not start position and don't h...

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The Chrysler Crossfire is a nice "looking" vehicle but I've had an issues that my engine would shutdown without warning. The car would restart upwards to about 2 hours later but would shutdown again several miles later. Took it to the dealership THREE times. Only once were they able to detect the "an issue". They put in a new PCV module (or something that starts with a "P"). I thought that...

My check engine light has been on since the day I got the car. Recently it would not start, and I had to get towed. The ignition went out on the car. It is going to cost 1200 to replace. My interior liner has fallen out as well. I have had nothing but problems with the car since I got it.

The key won't turn to start. I've had it back twice they say its in the steering wheel lock and can't be repaired, "its part of the theft system". Alock smith said its a default in the steering colum makeup with the s/wheel shaft theft system. But he can't disconectt it for insurance concerns. (liability)

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