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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2004 Chrysler Concorde

2004 Chrysler Concorde

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2004 Chrysler Concorde Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Worn sway bar bushings or sway bar end links may cause a rattling or clunking noise from the front suspension during low-speed driving. Though not always the root cause, front struts are often replaced for this condition.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

The window glass lift plates tend to bend or break and cause the window glass to tilt and bind in the door. The lift plates can be replaced separately from the window regulator. In more severe cases, however, a new window regulator may also require replacement.

Engine -- Verified

A dirty throttle body may cause low engine idle speed or frequent stalling, as oily residue blocks air flow in the throttle when the throttle is closed. Throttle body cleaning may be necessary to correct this condition. Our technicians caution against spraying cleaner directly onto the throttle body as this may damage the throttle position sensor (TPS).

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Some vehicles may develop a musty odor coming from the HVAC system, Dodge has issued a cleaner/disinfectant and a coating for the evaporator designed to inhibit bacterial growth.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

If the ignition key does not turn and/or cannot be removed, a new lock cylinder may be needed. A worn key can also cause similar problems.

2004 Chrysler Concorde Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., September 22, 2003

RepairPal Expert Overview:

An internal component in the hood latch may have been manufactured with a crack. The crack could spread and break, which would allow the primary and secondary latch spring to disengage. This condition could allow the hood to open unexpectedly while driving, which could increase the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect the latch, and replace it if necessary. The recall began September 22, 2003. The Chrysler recall number is C29.

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2004 Chrysler Concorde Questions and Answers

babsbrom, 2004 Chrysler Concorde, 3.5L V6, Edgewood, MD

A/c blows air as if it is just the fan is blowing. The air is not hot all.but not as cold as it was prior. Does not cool the car at

booby, 2004 Chrysler Concorde, 3.2L V6, Mesa, AZ

what causes lights in das to flicker driving a night with headlights on?

packer, 2004 Chrysler Concorde, 3.2L V6, Hendersonville, TN

Takes awhile to warm up and when sitting at a stop light it blows cold air.Have the thermostats changed in looks.

bigmikee, 2004 Chrysler Concorde, 3.5L V6, Torrington, CT

I am trying to change the rear brake rotors and cant see how to release them. The fronts come right off, i had it loosened up but it wouldn't come off.

fix it myself, 2004 Chrysler Concorde, Hot Springs National Park, AR

how to replace, my extended warranty won't cover the repair. line is damaged where clamp was installed and over tightened and caused leak.

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2004 Chrysler Concorde Reviews

We bought our Chrysler Concorde LXI new and we have over 150M miles on it. It has been the best family car we have ever owned. Our only problem is a consistent "valve clatter" when excellerating a low speeds. We have had the throttle body cleaned, all the normal maintenance suggested, higher octane gas, etc.. Does anyone have a potential solution to fix the clattering noise?

This is my third Concorde and by and by it hasn't been a bad car. Didn't start having problems until it were over 100K miles. I do mostly interstate driving and it has been the smoothest ride of the 3. In the life of the car I have changed the tranny shifting solenoid and an oxygen sensor. People say it is difficult to work on but for cab forward design I have found just about everything to be easily accessible with the removal of just a few extra nuts and bolts. Tune ups are simple and it is an easy vehicle to care for. Most recently I have had to replace the passenger side CV trans axle and bearing hub but old cars come with old car problems.

i bought a used concord limited that was in great condition besides that fact that the brakes had never been replaced. i have only had it for about six months now but i love it. there are a few things i dont like such as the trunk which has a hard time staying open even when on flat ground. the airbag light comes on even though there is nothing wrong. another thing is that after an 11 hour trip it started having trouble starting up right away but that has seemed to resolve itself. my last complaint isnt really a problem more of an annoyance, everything in the hood is either hard to find or very hard to get to, and changing a bulb in the trunk took me over 20 minutes. other than those few things i love this car and plan to keep it for a very long time.

Been a fine car for 7 yrs. Now the perform service light comes on regularly. Cant find anything wrong, changed the oil and filters yet the light continues to come on. Any suggestions?

Bought this car new, ran fine for 3 yrs and then started to overheat. spent so much money on a radiator, water pump, thermostats, engine flush. Just had a new motor put in it in May and it was back in the garage for over heating in July. Replaced overflow bottle and thermostat. I will never buy Chrysler again. This car has done nothing but suck money out of my pockets. DO NOT EVEN THINK of purchasing a 2004 Chrysler Concorde LXI 3.5 LTR.

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