2003 Chrysler 300M Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Chrysler 300M

Repair Estimates

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2003 Chrysler 300M
$1,046 to $1,779
2003 Chrysler 300M
$248 to $375
2003 Chrysler 300M
$366 to $534
2003 Chrysler 300M
$571 to $723
2003 Chrysler 300M
$891 to $1,477

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The window glass lift plates tend to bend or break and cause the window glass to tilt and bind in the door. The lift plates can be replaced separately from the window regulator. In more severe cases, however, a new window regulator may also require replacement.

Worn sway bar bushings or sway bar end links may cause a rattling or clunking noise from the front suspension during low-speed driving. Though not always the root cause, front struts are often replaced for this condition.

A damaged cam position sensor (or its wires and connector) can cause intermittent stalling, stumbles, or hard starting.

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My car is the special edition with a lowered suspension. However, it has the standard size 17" wheels as opposed to the performance 18" wheels. I cannot find the performance struts anywhere. Is it possible to just change it to the regular quick struts on this make and model?

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