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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2007 Chevrolet Uplander

2007 Chevrolet Uplander

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2007 Chevrolet Uplander Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

Brakes -- Verified

Front brake rotors can wear causing a pulsation felt in the brake pedal. Our technicians often recommend replacement of the front rotors and brake pads as the best option to correct this condition.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The high pressure power steering hose will commonly leak fluid and should be replaced if this is the case.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The front struts may show signs of wear, or be excessively bouncy ride at freeway speeds. This may begin to occur at around 75,000 miles.

Engine -- Verified

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The spark plugs should be replaced every 100,000 miles. Our technicians recommend replacing the spark plug wires also at this time.

2007 Chevrolet Uplander Questions and Answers

suzanneatbdtaxi, 2007 Chevrolet Uplander, Providence, RI

need the specs for the routing for the serpentine belt

lokin101, 2007 Chevrolet Uplander, Beverly Hills, CA

The air conditioning in my uplander gives a stale smell, and I was told that it might be the condensation tray is full of water and not draining, but I can't find the hose that will allow the ...

lokin101, 2007 Chevrolet Uplander, Beverly Hills, CA

I feel a Knock/thump and hear it from the left wheel well, when I drive over some rough roads, but not all the time, can't see anything wrong....

JBET, 2007 Chevrolet Uplander, Toms River, NJ

The rear door of my 2007 Chevy Uplander will not open ... do you have any suggestions or ideas I can try to get it to open?

help me 2, 2007 Chevrolet Uplander, Leesville, LA

I have water leak when it rains on my front floor can it come in the vents below winshield

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2007 Chevrolet Uplander Reviews

Our 2007 Uplander bought with 11,000 miles now has 70,000 miles and we have had the same problems as everyone before us. New brakes, rotors, tires, and still the front end shakes, steering wheel shakes, and grinding when you turn. Rear-end sounds like it is going to fall off. Side passenger door works sometimes (not electric door kids manually close it) well when we can get it open. Cat-converter going out smells like sulfur. Can't afford to fix everything,and now the fuel tank says it is empty, but just filled yesterday. Come on Chevy what the heck is going on with these vans? If you know someone who is thinking of buying one talk them out of it. These cars are failing us and we don't have the money to fix them or replace them. Recall? Whoops it said didn't fill in exhaust-emissions or suspension-steering, I wanted to rate them a zero, so if you see my 1 star on these it really means 0.

My 2007 Uplander has been a very good van up till 70,000 miles.
Now all of a sudden, when braking or making sharp turns, it is making a grinding rubbing noise. The dealer checked it out and said the tires are moving on the wheels. I marked the wheels but see no movement. They said I am ready for new tires, but why put them on if that is not the problem. Please, any ideas...

I bought a 2007 uplander 1 month ago. The engine seems very strong. Has 60,000 miles. Lots of tire noise. Drives me nuts. Very roomy. Rides like a four wheel drive truck. You can feel every bump. I'm not sure about the 3.9 engine. Never owned one. We'll see this winter. I think I made a big mistake.

I bought this vehicle for it's affordability and seating. I got all the extras and it has services our family well. My big complaint is electrical. My right rear door never engages well. One time it fell completely off. Fortunately it was under warranty. Now it is not and it is always dinging at me. I try to open and shut it again, but then usually ahve to get out and do it manually. I have also had to replace the fob umpteen times for defect. The belt holders(ones that stop from choking you) are almost all broken in first year. I did run a home dayucare though. I love it over all, just wish they would come up with recall for parts on door.

I had this vehicle for 1.5 years and we have 2 at my place of work. It is uncomfortable to ride in very far. Parts are hard to get and the vehicle is hard to work on. the traction in the westren NY winters is very bad. Also repair manuals don’t exist.

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