2003 Chevrolet Tracker Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Chevrolet Tracker

2003 Chevrolet Tracker Problems

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Front brake rotors can wear causing a pulsation felt in the brake pedal. Our technicians often recommend replacement of the front rotors and brake pads as the best option to correct this condition.

The front struts may show signs of wear, or be excessively bouncy ride at freeway speeds. This may begin to occur at around 75,000 miles.

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2003 Chevrolet Tracker Questions

cleaned the idle air control valve

engine stops running when driving some times you have to let it sit 5 to 15 minute ,some times it start right back up. Can not find any bad grounds or wiring

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2003 Chevrolet Tracker Reviews

This thing is a true SUV, with an emphasis on utility. I bought it used (but well maintained) and find it very good for what it is. It's currently got 120K miles and I'm going to redo the shocks/struts, as it just sways a bit. As it really is designed for off road (and is RWD when the 4WD is not engaged), it does tend to wander a bit in the wind on bridges.

This car is one of the worst cars I've ever owned! Piece of crap.

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