2013 Chevrolet Sonic Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2013 Chevrolet Sonic

2013 Chevrolet Sonic Questions

My batterie died completely 3 weeks ago, I changed the batterie for a new one and when I cranked up my car my Odometer,trip odometer just went blank ---. I didn't had that problem before only when I installed new batterie any help???? (1 answer)

This happened 3 weeks ago at 71,000 miles on the car. It had the original batterie from AC Delco, it never showed the batterie light on my dashboard when I was heading out to work but when I was heading back home it was completely dead. No lights were left on I always make sure of that and I work...

My gear shifter button has been sticking and getting harder to manage (2 answers)

What causes car to choking every time I refuel with constant ticking noise? (2 answers)

The outlet duct hose and purge valve have been replaced, the ticking is coming from a piece right above the back of my engine, Im thinking its the purge solenoid, please help!

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2013 Chevrolet Sonic Recalls

Key In Warning Chime Fails To Sound

The chime that sounds when the driver leaves the key in the ignition inadvertently may fail to sound, resulting in the potential of the key being left in the vehicle accidentally. Dealers will update the radio software free of charge to resolve the concern.

Engine Block Heater

In cold temperatures, the insulation on the engine block heater cord can become damaged, allowing the wires to be exposed. Exposed wires increase the risk of electrical shock and personal injury if the cord is handled while it is plugged in. Dealers will replace the block heater cord with one rated for lower temperatures free of charge to correct this concern. 

Potential Fuel Leak

1558 vehicles are being recalled because one of the straps securing the fuel tank may not have been manufactured correctly. Insufficient welds could cause the strap to separate from the vehicle. A broken strap would put additional pressure on the second strap, increasing its risk of failure. Should both straps fail, the fuel tank would come loose, increasing the risk of a fuel leak. Any fuel leak increases the risk of a fire. Dealers will inspect the affected fuel strap and bracket and repair it as necessary.

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