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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500

2002 Chevrolet Express 3500

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2002 Chevrolet Express 3500 Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The tail light wiring harness in the cargo area is not protected very well. As a result it may become damaged due to normal wear a tear. This damage can causing some or all of the rear lights to stop working.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Various electrical components under the front carpet/rubber mat may become damaged if excess water is used to clean the rear cargo area.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Extended life coolant may become contaminated and require cooling system service before the recommended 100,000 miles.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Our technicians recommend flushing the brake fluid every 60,000 miles.  Brake fluid that is dirty may cause problems in the brake system.

Drive Train -- Verified

Our technicians highly recommend that the transmission is serviced every 30,000 miles to avoid problems and maintain optimal operating order.

2002 Chevrolet Express 3500 Questions and Answers

JOE D, 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500, Goshen, NY


spark plug, 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500, 5.7L V8, Mableton, GA

How long does it takes to remove and replace a rear end on this 02 chevrolet express 5.7, and what all i have to remove

scenicdrive, 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500, 5.7L V8, Buffalo, NY

I think there is a circuitry problem with my running lights with this 2002 box van. It used to be a Fedex delivery van. I believe corrosion to the connections and water seepage may be the problem...

kingeb5, 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500, 5.7L V8, Arlington, VA

have chevy van p0300 cap rotor wires new and plugs still has flashing mil 180 comp all cylinders misfire data cylinder 3 goes up quick spark tester says it is firing though only has misfire counter...

mememe, 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500, 5.7L V8, Richmond, VA

Where is the best place online to buy a transmission for a 2002 chevy express 3500

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2002 Chevrolet Express 3500 Reviews

I like the body style of this van. The sheet metal isn't as thick or durable as past body styles. The factory paint is reasonably durable and so far the corrosion protection is adiquate. The interior is comfotable and quiet and I like the seats. However, if you have to remove any interior door or wall panels, be prepared to use epoxy to glue the plastic that the retaining clips hold on to. It's also very easy to break other plasic parts such as electric door and window switches if disassembly is nessesary. I'm very impressed with this vehicle's braking system. It's a hydrolicly boosted anti-lock braking system that stops this vehicle exceptionally well. The model I own has a 5.7 litre V8 gasoline engine that delivers a good strong performance. When towing a trailer the 5.7 V8 is adiquate. My transmition has worked well, but I've been very careful to keep it maintained. I've always followed the manufactuer's recomended maintainance, but if I'm planning on towing a trailer on a long road trip I always drop the transmition pan and change the filter as well as look in the pan for sludge and debris as well as check the condition of the trans fluid. So far I've never found any problems. I've had very few problems with my electrical system. However I had to replace the door switch for the dome lights on my sliding side door. I've also added some aftermarket headlights because I wanted brighter lights. I thought the stock sealed beams where kind of weak. I've never had any problems with the engine. GM has used the 5.7 litre (350 ci.) for years and years and it's a tried and true design. I faithfully change the engine oil every 3,000 miles, as I always have with all the chev 350 motors I've owned. As a result, I've never had any problems with past or my present 350 V8. The stock exaust system is fine and the van has never not passed emissions so far. My van has front and rear air conditioning and heating. I've enjoyed that a lot and I think if you have a 15 passenger van like mine, it's well worth having. I haven't had to recharge the a/c unit yet, but I expect to at some point. This van handles very well for a full size van. Any full size van has handling limitations, this one does well for what it is. It rides very smooth and comfortably at freeway speeds if I'm towing a trailer or not. I've been impressed with the van's handling while towing, but I'm always careful not to over load it or improperly load the trailer. Over all I like my van and would recomend it so long as you understand that full size vans drive and handle a lot different than full size SUVs and trucks.

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