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2013 Chevrolet Equinox

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2013 Chevrolet Equinox Problems

2013 Chevrolet Equinox Questions and Answers

chadbtodd, 2013 Chevrolet Equinox, Ridgeway, SC

I left from dealership with full tank of gas. did not touch gas cap because it was filled up by dealership. Now getting warning for loose gas cap and an emissions warning light. Tried to tighten ga...

shamu11, 2013 Chevrolet Equinox, 2.4L 4 Cylinder, Clermont, FL

Sometimes when I am about to come to a full stop, mu brakes pulsate and feels like the car is going to stall. I have 21,000 on it. Is this mormal? I am operating the car in the "ECO" mod...

kschneider, 2013 Chevrolet Equinox, Rochelle, IL

I have to turn the defrost off every time. It is not being left on when turning the car off.

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2013 Chevrolet Equinox Reviews

I have 45000 on my 2013 equinox and after a few months I noticed lots of road noise I discovered the roof window caused most of the sound,it doesn't close completely towards the back of the car.I had to put latex sealant and foam to stop the noise.I drive a lot on rural and dirt roads.The suspension feels hard and bumps are felt hard.There is a lot of road noise on highways.They will have to redesign the suspension and stop the road noise to get me to buy another equinox.

we bought thi8s ve3hicle new in Dec 31, 2012. We love the vehicle except for two issues, the first is the 4 cyl. engine, if I had to do it over again I would have bought the 6 so I could pull our travel trailer of 2400 lbs. The second is I paid our dealership to install a hitch and wire harness for trailer. The trailer lights work fine but will not work on utility or boat trailers even with new lights and
and trailer wiring. I think you should request the curtis wiring harness be installed if you buy one. We currently get 26 miles to the gallon highway and we now have 13,100 miles.

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