1991 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup


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1991 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup
$318 to $829
1991 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup
$234 to $917
1991 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup
$339 to $1,735
1991 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup
$467 to $1,154
1991 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup
$170 to $339

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The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

The intake manifold gasket may develop and external engine oil or coolant leak. In some cases, an internal coolant leak may occur causing coolant to mix with the engine oil. Our technicians tell us that operating the engine  with a coolant/oil mix can result in internal engine damage. Replacing the intake manifold gasket should correct these leaks.

The windshield wipers may not work intermittently due to a faulty wiper motor control board. Our technicians tell us that lightly taping on the wiper motor when the fault occurs should temporarily get the wipers working again. Some vehicles were recalled for this problem and some were not. You will need to check with your local dealer to find out if a specific vehicle was included.

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thought it was low or empty so went to fill it and noticed it was leeeking from the cap quite a bit when i pulled off the cap i noticed that the fluid wasvery dard and bubbly but looked to be hot dose my pump need to be replaced or can i fix it by cleaning out line or something?

injectors putting out too much fuel, poor idle to stall, and black exhaust

my sterring wheel collum wabbles at the tilt section. how can i fix it.

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