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2002 Buick LeSabre

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2002 Buick LeSabre Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

It is common for the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank read the fuel level incorrectly. The sensor must be replaced to correct the condition. Our technicians recommend having the complete fuel pump module replaced on high mileage vehicles.

Engine -- Verified

The mass air flow or crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to stall intermittently. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to determine the cause of any stalling condition.

Engine -- Verified

The intake manifold gasket can develop external engine oil leaks. The intake manifold will need to be removed and the gaskets replaced to correct this issue.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

One or more heater & AC (HVAC) air delivery and/or temperature mode door actuator may fail. This can result in incorrect air delivery or temperature. If this occurs, fault code(s) stored in the HVAC control module should be available to assist with diagnoses.

Drive Train -- Verified

The transmission pressure control solenoid may fail causing erratic shifting. Our technicians tell us that partial dis-assembly of the transmission is necessary to replace a failed pressure control solenoid.

2002 Buick LeSabre Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., August 15, 2002


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Suspension & Steering, April 5, 2002


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2002 Buick LeSabre Questions and Answers

wrench1, 2002 Buick LeSabre, Henderson, NV

There is only one bolt on the caliper to remove. The other pin is not a bolt. Is this model made such that once the removable bolt is removed that the caliper can then be tilted to remove the pads?...

AUTODEE1, 2002 Buick LeSabre, Rock Hill, SC

My car has been having this problem for quite some time now. Most of the time if my car wont start I just let it sit for about 15 minutes and then it starts. But I want to get it fixed it has gotte...

phyllisf5, 2002 Buick LeSabre, Tulsa, OK

car has 45000 miles. had oil change done 6/26/09 abt two weeks ltr i could hear just a light noise when rolled window down. was idling 10 mins in traffic and oil pan light came on/then shut off. di...

stellar, 2002 Buick LeSabre, Hopewell, VA

dont know if there is a switch to manually adjust setting for a timer on the headlights to turn off

Gram32, 2002 Buick LeSabre, Buffalo, NY

My car only has 63,000 miles on it and after replacing a brokenpower steering line, my mechanic told me the front wheel bearing have to be replaced after listening to them with a stethescope. He qu...

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2002 Buick LeSabre Reviews

when I turn my car off and take out the key , open the door and the warning sound is letting me know my lights are still on. the brake lights and parking lights will not turn off. all other lights go out but not the parking lights or brake lights. does anyone have any suggestions?

Bought 2002 LaSabre from dealer with 37,000 miles on it. 3 windows stopped working: cost $300+ for each. Headliner now coming down. New tires at 60,000 and battery at 80,000. Gas guage tricky. Otherwise OK. CEB Mt Laural NJ

I bought this as my second car a little after my 17th birthday. Imagine it...a senior in high school, driving the stereotypical "old man" car. Have to admit though...my first car was a 2001 Honda CR-V and, while that rode really well, I've yet to find another car that rides as smooth and effortlessly as a Buick. I bought it was 128,***K miles on it and am now at 132,8**K miles. When I bought it, I had to remove the catalytic converter that went out on my exhaust. When that thing gets old, it creates the most annoyingly loud and obnoxious rattle when you accelerate. And believe me, it's LOUD. I had my father replace that and am now in the process of repairing the power locks and windows on both rear doors. I hear this a very common issue on Buicks, which, in the grand scheme of things, is very minor in maintenance. For being 11 years old, this Buick runs amazingly well. Accelerates nicely and has a lot of umph under the hood, thanks to the 3.8L V6. Very hefty and powerful, sometimes causing my front tires to burn out if I hit the gas just SLIGHTLY too hard. Haha. Love the ride and undoubtable reliability. My only complaint is, sometimes, the car shifts slightly rough between 2nd and 3rd gears if moving a little fast. I drove the car to Nashville and back, going a steady 85 the whole time and didn't have a single issue. Also, I was surprised with the good gas mileage I managed. Drove about three hours with my mother following in her 2009 Camry and managed to use up less gas than she did...we both filled up before leaving as well. Overall, an amazingly reliable car with a huge cab space and smooth ride.

I bought this Lesabre Limited at 56,000. It now has 172,000, and other than expected wear like tires, brakes, and light bulbs, there has been NO maintenance cost. I agree I have had one or two lights go out on controls on the radio and heater but nothing else and they are really of no consequence. It even still has the factory battery in it. It is time to replace the rear air assist shocks, but with the trunk I have constantly loaded, I'm surprised that didn't happen long ago. I put up with Chicago winters, commute, and live 1.5 miles up a country gravel road. That's about as hard as you can get on a car. The ride is great, because of the load I carry and my type of driving, mileage has still been low to mid twenties in a car that is large and comfortable. Unloaded on the highway it will get between 32 and 34mpg, and I think that is pretty darn good even compared to the smaller cars I've had. I see a number of horror stories here and just thought I would add what seems to be the majority of other owner's stories I have met. They won't part with their Lesabre for love or money. When this one dies I WILL try to find another. For the people with the high repair cost, do you drive it like an Indy car? Also, in the past I have found a $1200 dealership repair might only be a few questions on-line, a $50 part on Ebay, and an hour or two of my time with simple hand tools I bought. In many cases the directions you get on-line and a $10 manual for your car, can really make it that easy. It also feels pretty good to know you still have the other $1150 in your pocket and you fixed it yourself. By the way the reputation many repair shops and dealerships have for being unscrupulous is WELL DESERVED. I once bought a used car privately that did not drive quite right. I took it to the dealership who told they found a worn out suspension part and it need a $600 repair. When I looked myself I found what was literally a shiny brand new part the previuos owner had just put in and foolishly neglected to tighten the bolts. Guess what the dealership was going to charge me $600 to do? Just my 2 cents.

155,000 miles. Nice car, but maintenance costs are becoming prohibitively expensive. Synthetic oil has preserved the engine, it runs like new, transmission had to be replaced at 88,000. Suspension repair costs are astronomical. Now averaging about $2,000 year in replacing parts due to wear and tear. Tough automotive life in Washington Metro. Panel lights have also been going for years. AC compressor lasted just over three years, died one month after warranty expired, sunk $1200 into that repair. $3200 transmission replacement. $260 replacing rear window pulley. Over $1500 in various suspension components going bad throughout the life of the car. A virtual piggy bank for the dealership and mechanics, I should be given stock in their companies! Still, have enjoyed the car, and it has lasted 155,000 miles.

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