2000 BMW 740i Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2000 BMW 740i

2000 BMW 740i Problems

Alignment/Tire Wear Issues Due to Excessive Play in Rear Lower Ball Joints

The rear lower ball joints may wear causing alignment and tire wear issues as a result of the excessive play in these joints. Our technicians tell us a 4wheel alignment should be performed after ball joint replacement.

Multiple Parts May be Recommended For Leaks in Cooling System

Leaks are known to develop in the cooling system. It is common to see more than one part recommended for repair/replacement due to overlapping labor and the use of many plastic parts in the system.

Valve Cover, Intake Manifold, PCV Plate Oil Leaks

Engine oil leaks commonly develop from both valve cover gaskets, intake manifold, and PCV plate after about 60,000 miles.

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2000 BMW 740i Questions

What is my best option if I need to replace the alternator in my 2000 name 740i? (2 answers)

The car has 223,000 miles on it and I have already replaced battery, water pump, and fuel pump.

I am thinking of buying a 2000 740i with 109,000 miles on it. Any advice? (2 answers)

What should I particularly look for in order to determine if it has been properly looked after and what are the critical areas? Thanks

My power steering does not work because a belt pulley broke. what what is cost (1 answer)

The lower pulley tomthe serpitine belt broke how much willmit cost to fix

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2000 BMW 740i Recalls

BMW Recalls 2000 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series Due to Brake Light Failure

The brake light switch may fail and stick in the "brake lamps on" or "brake lamps off" position. Inaccurate illumination of brake lights could lead to an accident. Dealers will inspect and replace the brake lamp switch with a new improved part.

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2000 BMW 740i Reviews

I have this car it drives well, the problem I have now, is the collent is laking but the tank is not demage. But they told me that I will have to pay $700,00 to repaire it
I have owned my '00 740i with sport package since '01. The car is my second vehicle and I average about 7K miles per year. For a big, heavy luxury sedan the vehicle handles superbly and accelerates well. I have had several sets of VR rated tires and finally found a set that lasted more than 15K miles (Kuhmo ASX tires). I have had to replace several things on the car that seem inherent to th...

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