2010 BMW 650i Repair and Maintenance

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2010 BMW 650i
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2010 BMW 650i
$96 to $132
2010 BMW 650i
$534 to $745
2010 BMW 650i
$188 to $229
2010 BMW 650i
$119 to $148
2010 BMW 650i
$217 to $342

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If the brakes are squealing, there's a good chance it is the brake pad wear sensor. A new design was implemented in January 2006 and can be identified by its green color.

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At a light for the first time when I wen tto take off it blew a little puff of white smoke. My old 550i starting do that and it got realy bad. Are there issues with this motors seals as well?

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The insulated connector for the positive battery cable may have been incorrectly attached to the trunk floor panel, which can lead to a loosening of the bolt connection. Loosening of the connection can cause an increase in electrical resistance and overheating of the cable connection, which could lead to a fire, even when the vehicle is not in use. As a precaution, owners are advised to park outside until the remedy has been completed. Dealers will secure the battery bolt cable connection as necessary to correct this concern.


The brake system vacuum pump check valve can leak oil and contaminate the power brake booster. This can result in loss of power brake assist. Dealers will repair the vehicle as necessary free of charge to resolve concerns.

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