2007 BMW 650i Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2007 BMW 650i

2007 BMW 650i Problems

New Brake Pad Wear Sensor Design Will Prevent Squealing

If the brakes are squealing, there's a good chance it is the brake pad wear sensor. A new design was implemented in January 2006 and can be identified by its green color.

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2007 BMW 650i Questions

Replaced water pump doesn't feel like it's working. (2 answers)

How do I get it to work

2006 BMW 650i for 15995. Is that a good deal? (1 answer)

The car has about 110k miles on it. Anyone have any experience on what these cars do maintenance wise around this mileage mark?

does the bmw 650i need the barrery to be 100% for it to staRT? (2 answers)

i bought a new battery and it still wouldnt start. When i hook it up to my booster it will start. Please help

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2007 BMW 650i Recalls

The Positive Battery Cable Connection in the Trunk Can Overheat

The insulated connector for the positive battery cable may have been incorrectly attached to the trunk floor panel, which can lead to a loosening of the bolt connection. Loosening of the connection can cause an increase in electrical resistance and overheating of the cable connection, which could lead to a fire, even when the vehicle is not in use. As a precaution, owners are advised to park outside until the remedy has been completed. Dealers will secure the battery bolt cable connection as necessary to correct this concern.


Brake Vacuum Pump Leaks Oil

The brake system vacuum pump check valve can leak oil and contaminate the power brake booster. This can result in loss of power brake assist. Dealers will repair the vehicle as necessary free of charge to resolve concerns.

Engine May Stall In Below Freezing Weather

A static discharge from the fuel rails may affect the engine electronic control unit (ECU) and stall the engine in weather below freezing combined with low humidity. If the engine stalls, the driver may not be able to maintain speed or accelerate, and the power steering could fail, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will install two ground cables in the engine compartment free of charge. The recall began October 29, 2007.

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