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2013 BMW 328i

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2013 BMW 328i Problems

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A creak or squeak can be heard from the top of the front or rear doors. This noise is most noticeable when the windows are fully up. The noise is caused by the decay of the flocking material on the door seals. New door seals, Teflon tape, special lube, or a combination of all of these may be needed to eliminate the noise.

2013 BMW 328i Recalls (Recent)

Brakes, September 26, 2013

RepairPal Expert Overview:

These vehicles use a vacuum pump to supply power assist for the braking system. The vacuum pump can fail unexpectedly due to insufficient lubrication. This would reduce braking efficiency, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will make modifications to allow for proper lubrication of the vacuum pump in order to correct this concern.

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2013 BMW 328i Reviews

I purchased a new 2012 328i 4\6\2012. The engine light came on 12/4/2012 and again on 12/7/2012 twice in 3 days and i was told that it's not the engine but a sensor. Tom Bush BMW in Jacksonville Florida on Atlantic Blvd, changed out the expansion tank twice. The first time they put the same size expansion tank in the car, three days later the engine light came back on and this time they said they put a larger expansion tank in my car...... I have also had several problems with the computer system shuting down and blinking out. Four times within a year. I was told that the computer system was overheating....they changed out the radio (they said) and re-programed the system three times within a 9 month period. The computer system blink out again after the radio was changed out and this time i was told they re-booted the computer system????? Wow. June of this year I'm still having the same problems with this 2012 328i BMW and it has been the WORST experience ever. This car has been to the shop more times in a year than any car I have and own in 10years. It's been one problem after another. Tom Bush BMW (Jacksonville,Fl) has the WORST customer service and service department in the WORLD from the head to the bottom. They do not take care of the cars or treat there customers properly. I filed a lemon law against BMW of North America and I am currently in arbitration. I will keep you guys posted.....Cherie

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