1996 BMW 328i Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1996 BMW 328i

One vehicles equipped with power folding mirrors, the mirror may fold out past the standard position. Our technicians tell us that if this occurs a special procedure must be followed to relearn the correct mirror home position.

A fluid leak may develop from one or more power steering hose. When a leak is being repaired, it is not uncommon for multiple hoses to be replaced.

The low coolant light may illuminate and/or the engine may overheat as a result of a coolant leak from the water pump. The leaking pump will require replacement and the entire cooling system should be inspected for leaks as it is not uncommon to find multiple leaks on higher mileage vehicles.

Overheating can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat it is recommended to stop at the first available location and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.

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Serpentine belt broke.

PO306, PO121, and PO133. I have done a bit of research on those 3 codes. The car seems to run fine but I do not drive it anymore because I think the clutch went out. Would I be able to get a code that is specific for the clutch, and if yes any of these 3 codes it? please let me know if you know s...

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I have never regretted purchasing this vehicle in 2005. Since owning the car, I have not had to do anything major except routine oil services and one inspection due to low miles put on car. I have owned four BMW's now and this car is a winner! You can't beat the handling, fuel economy and luxury in a sports car such as this one.


great car

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