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1998 BMW 323i

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1998 BMW 323i Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

A fluid leak may develop from one or more power steering hose. When a leak is being repaired, it is not uncommon for multiple hoses to be replaced.

Suspension & Steering -- bimmer4636

Front shocks become excessively worn after 90000 miles. Therefore, the car sways over bumps. The shock will develop a large rip in the center and may be dripping fluid.

1998 BMW 323i Questions and Answers

picklEd, 1998 BMW 323i, Nye, MT

I have a BMW 323 and during the recent snow, the read windscreen wiper stopped working. The blade doesn't move, nor does water spray when I depress the stalk. However, I can hear the washer ...

picklEd, 1998 BMW 323i, Nye, MT

The radio/cd player in my BMW 323i only works intermittently. Sometimes it stays on and even switching the car off doesn't turn it off. I have to then remove the fuse in order to switch the ...

paco123, 1998 BMW 323i, Bakersfield, CA

check engine light would not come on during smog test. is there a lightbulb for that?

paco123, 1998 BMW 323i, Bakersfield, CA

is there one single bulb for the check engine light and what does a dealership usually charge for just the bulb &what is the diagnostic code

paco123, 1998 BMW 323i, Bakersfield, CA

when i told bmw dealer did not pass smog because of check engine light,I was told light bulb was burned out they found it by doing a diagnostic &said it was only $5.00&I was being charged $...

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1998 BMW 323i Reviews

I drive a bmw323i but has recently replaced the engine with a 325i. die crank sensors are differant located. we bought a new crank sensor that works from the front pulley on the 325i. we started the engine but it has n missfire. we can ref the car up till 2000 rpm but more that that, the engine starts to stall. could the wiring of this sensor be differant that the old sensor and now gives the wrong signal.

I'm the third owner. Has 89000 miles now. The convertible top is crappy...probably have to replace it...goes up and down manually and is beginning to deteriorate...had to fix the a/c and now needs a transmission mount with disc's. Oh yes, 4 new tires. Otherwise...I LOVE IT! It holds the road nicely, shifts beautifully, I think it handles just the way I would expect it to. I've got to be careful over the road bumps but boy, am I ever having fun with it!

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