2003 Audi TT Quattro Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Audi TT Quattro

2003 Audi TT Quattro
$1,389 to $2,048
2003 Audi TT Quattro
$424 to $585
2003 Audi TT Quattro
$68 to $128
2003 Audi TT Quattro
$484 to $689
2003 Audi TT Quattro
$115 to $151

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Erratic turn signal operation can be a result of a failing turn signal flasher relay which will require replacement.

Vacuum leaks, oxygen sensor failure, and catalytic converter efficiency faults can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

A creaking type noise may be noted from the front suspension. Replacement of the  front sway bar may be required to correct this issue.

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I turn the ignition (I have a manual), push the brake and clutch. Its getting plenty of power (and i did try to jump it anyway). But won't turn over. It sounds like it wants to start, and like it will any second, but the engine never starts pumping. Please help!!

could it be a failed relay if so where are they on the car

The sound starts as soon as I turn on my car and seems to vary if I accelerate or apply the brakes. Brake pads are good. It sounds like air rushing out of a tire.

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Love my tt,but can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? It has a banging sound which only makes a noise in 1st gear on acceloration.It sounds like it is coming from the front driver's side wheel.It is not the gearbox,could this be a strut top mount or a bush of somekind.It has been to the garage and they are having difficulties in finding the problem.I have been told that everything is fine,ob...

2003 TT Quatro 6 speed manual: Headlight low beams occasionally don't work. Replaced both balast & both bulbs ($300 parts); lights still don't work regularly. Dash indicator shows headlight out when they're both working. Can't seem to fix this headlight problem - got pulled over several times for no headlight(s). Often try to start engine & alarm goes off. At 115k miles the shifter fork broke i...

This car is one of the best bang for your buck. My friends call it a Poor man's Porsche...It is well designed, well executed and well balanced. After driving alternatives, I cannot find a vehicle that drives as well, parks anywhere, and is good on gas. I average approx 24MPG.

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