2009 Audi Q5 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2009 Audi Q5

2009 Audi Q5
$150 to $207
2009 Audi Q5
$418 to $696
2009 Audi Q5
$32 to $45
2009 Audi Q5
$74 to $139
2009 Audi Q5
$138 to $225

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The headlight lamp is not working all the time. I want to remove - dry out - use silicone to seal the seams - replace the bulb and go from there.....or do I need to replace whole thing

When replacing the battery of an Audi q5, should anything be reprgrammed and if so how?

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The left and right A-pillars are the roof suports that run along each side of the windshield. Their trim cover clips may not have been manufactured correctly and one or both trim covers may come loose if the side head protection airbags are deployed. These loose trim pieces could injure the front seat occupants. Dealers will inspect the middle clip of each of the left and right A-pillar covers and replace them as necessary.

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