2005 Audi A4 Quattro Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2005 Audi A4 Quattro

2005 Audi A4 Quattro Problems

Vacuum leaks, oxygen sensor failure, and catalytic converter efficiency faults can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Erratic turn signal operation can be a result of a failing turn signal flasher relay which will require replacement.

A problem with the torque converter can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

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2005 Audi A4 Quattro Questions

Recomended, required to maintian extended warrenty


I bought a V-checker from www. uobd2.com, it encounter "comm.error"
1 - Control Module Selection Screen OK
2 - Engine Electronics Selection Screen OK
3 - Can Bus Mode Selection Screen OK
4 - Can Bus Mode Communicate Screen OK
5 - Comm. error!

anyone can help me?

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