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1993 Acura Vigor

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1993 Acura Vigor Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The exhaust manifold commonly fails on the 5 cylinder engine and may develop an exhaust leak that is especially noticeable when the car is cold.

1993 Acura Vigor Questions and Answers

rmsmts, 1993 Acura Vigor, Gilbert, AZ

our fuel gage never goes past 1/2 full and we never know how much gas is in it. is it a simple problem to fix and how much would it cost to get it fixed

dee1125, 1993 Acura Vigor, Sutton, MA

when I release the key the car stalls

sofkeegirl, 1993 Acura Vigor, Macon, GA

Speedometer jumps when only going 25mph and car starts to hesitate

kolahol, 1993 Acura Vigor, 2.5L 5 Cylinder, Houston, TX

Recently I have noticed that the tachometer keeps going up and down while driving. suppose i am going more than 100km and it' at 3, all of sudden it would go down to 0 even though i am going ...

Dbboyd5, 1993 Acura Vigor, 2.5L 5 Cylinder, Denver, CO

We have 2 wires that arent connected after we changed valve gasket

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1993 Acura Vigor Reviews

Purchased my vigor 1993 used in july 1997 and have had it to date. Love it. No car comes close in my eyes. Minimal problems, love the car. reliable, sporty yet runs terrific. Its my baby.

My CPA has had this Acura since it was new and has had problems with the brakes from day one.The drivetrain and interior are holding up well. But he says its very reliable.

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